Saturday, March 29, 2008

i'm confused

modernity has not only affected our lives through providing us with useful tools to make living more comfortable, but it has also given society that extra boost to make our yesterdays of cave living and clubbing people in the head a dream... a very forgettable dream.

in this day and age, with terms abounding and labels for almost everything and anything, you would suppose that people would be more clear of what is and what is not. coined, derived and adapted from, we have words for all extremes, and also all the degrees that fall in between. considering this apparent flood of (over) information, i still however find myself scratching my head why some people choose to remain in limbo. not only so, but celebrate their limbo-ness.

of probably all aspects of modern life, human sexuality has become the pin-up model for this culture of the lost and cheerfully wandering. we have been more than familiar with the range of terms now used in mainstream talk, so much so, that i believe wikepedia needs to update their already updated definitions. ambiguity rather that the usual polar views of sex seems to be the under current that is setting, not really a trend, but a revolution of how man view themselves and maybe even, the world around them. a view of the orgy in the indie movie "shortbus" would more than illustrate how varied and rather confused the idea of sex has become. i even remember my mom's questions before when she asked me to define the difference between homosexuals, bisexuals, bi curious, transexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites, and transgendered. to summarize, our conversation led us nowhere and did not really shed light onto anything. of course, the WWW, being the mother load of information that it is, did not really offer the help i was expecting it would as well, with articles such as that of thomas beatie, a transgendered female, who's now legally a male, who is legally married to a wife, who is also pregnant and due in june.... WHA? apparently, our plethora of words were not enough to fully grasp the complexity and multifariousness of what man, or woman, or whatever... can do. and this is just about sex, i have not yet delved into other human institutions like family and religion...

so, what have we become? what has human culture and society become? what has modernity, free thinking and free feeling lead us to? are we really more enlightened, more cultured, more civilized, more intelligent? or all of this is just ruse, a hoax, that we are actually devolving back to our cave man days, only that, we have nintendo and cable to trick us into thinking we are better off now than then.

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