Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a day in the life...

woke up today with a stiff back. can't really say it's from bad posture from sleeping since i sleep on an orthopaedic mattress and i almost always wake up in the same position i fall asleep in. there could only be one culprit and that's my work out the previous day.

summer is fast approaching and my gym buddy (one of the trainers at the gym i go to) has become a bit more enthusiastic in loosing his gut. he's usually quite laid back on our work outs with me doing most of the encouraging. but lately, his energy has become unmatchable. to the point that sometimes i feel the guy is more obsessed that i am! :) he's addicted in pumping his chest thinking this is what the chicks go for. his upper body is quite thick now, unfortunately, his legs are a totally different matter, barely any meat. don't get me wrong, i don't mind working out with him. on the contrary, if it wasn't for him, i doubt i'll be in the shape i'm in as of the moment. just that, i think he's becoming TOO effective for me. i'm heavier but leaner. i'm thicker than i have ever been before but not yet cut. my problem areas, i.e., my malformed chest, my gut, my shoulders and butt, are still far from my desired state. despite my questions as to what i should do to develop these areas to my trainer, he seems to always give me the same answer, that all i need is diet. diet and that i'm still lacking in my workouts. so we hit heavier weights, more machines and stay longer pumping iron. i'm definitely getting results as i said, but not the results i'm after.

i went to get my quarterly check up today with my endocrinologist. i usually don't mind doctors and hospitals since i worked in a hospital before when i was a therapist. i just don't enjoy it when it's me who is the patient. one reason why, i don't have patience. just to get a routinary check up like this often takes up half of my day. my 15mins with the doc is often preceded by hours of waiting. waiting for the doctor to arrive, waiting for it to be my turn. scheduling for appointments isn't as popular here since people i guess have the leisure of time. i on the other hand don't feel like waiting for hours on end to be the most productive use of my day.

after almost 2 hours sitting outside the clinic (the patient's benches were occupied by med reps, i hate them too), my turn finally came. as always, 15mins and i was done. doc gave me a clean bill of health but asked me to cut down on the fat. hmmmm, this coming from someone who i think has krispy kremes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

on my way out to my car, i suddenly got a whiff of the most amazing scent. sweet, spicy, salty and robust with flavor... i turned around and there was a new noodle house open selling hand pulled noodles! they had the chef (cute, in a mainland-chinese sort of way.... if only he had better teeth. nothing veneers can't fix... anyway, back to the noodles!) behind this clear glassed encased kitchen wowing the crowd by his noodle pulling prowess! and it was definitely an attention grabber since the restaurant was packed to the brim! i decided to order take out. beef lamien and an order of boiled chive dumplings.... delish!!! i figured out what that scent was as well. it was coming from this boiling pot of ox bones that was the soup base. the smell i tell you is incredible! and the taste, wow, the taste was something else. i'm guessing they added 5 spice powder in it since i could taste anise and cinammon in the soup, i also recalled seeing goji berries in the broth. so my morning wasn't so much of a waste after all. i was deemed healthy and discovered a pleasant reason to see my doctor again on my next check up. :)

pull baby, PULL!!!

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