Sunday, March 9, 2008

updates from my guilty pleasure

for the past few days now, i have been heavily hooked onto keeping myself abreast of all the dirt being dished out by mr. brian, DJ montano's justice-craving scorned lover. and like hundreds of people from all over the world who has visited and commented on his blog, we are all loving every minute of it. true, there are some people who "implore" that we calm ourselves and not get too caught up in the dirt bashing frenzy, but in all honesty, you self-righteous people out there need to admit, you're loving it too. why else would you religiously post comments on the most updated posts if not wanted to be kept in the loop yourselves. what hypocrites.

anyhow. one of the reasons why i love reading this site is not only for the posts of the author but the hilarious comments left by his steadily increasing viewers. as days go by and emotions get more charged, the comments gets more and more colorful! ahahahaha, i almost enjoy reading the viewer's reactions more than the post's themselves!!!

here are a few of my faves from the comments left today, march 9, entitled "yappity yap yap....'yap". brian's take on manila's self proclaimed eventologist ( i swear it's a travesty to the english language for someone so undeserving to INVENT his own word to describe his poor excuse of a job-job).

" Anonymous said...

Maliit talaga ang titi nyang si Tim Yap. I know someone who traded blowjobs with him at the parking lot of the Manila Polo Club years ago. NEEDLE-DICK level. I can't wait for the write-up about Tina Tinio. Putang-inang baboy yan. Akala mo kung sino kasing laki naman sya ng Hi-Ace!!!

March 8, 2008 6:32 PM"

" Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous Anonymous said...

TIM YAP = Tang Inang Mukha Yan Ang Panget

March 8, 2008 6:49 PM


March 8, 2008 7:13 PM"

"marga said...

worked with tim once at a shoot two years ago. call time was 10am. then 11 came, no tim around. one of the girls organizing the shoot called him up on his mobile.

and guess what tim said?

"do you actually know how hard it is to wake up at 11 in the morning?"

he came at 430 in the afternoon. fucking time waster.

and i saw him at the maroon 5 after-concert at crowne plaza. with celine and rufa mae quinto (the cheap sexy comedienne). attention-seeking freaks, they made a beeline to the "reserved" area and danced away to fifties music. like a bunch of high school kids with ADHD.

March 8, 2008 7:59 PM"

there's so much more, so much that i can't make up my mind. these were just a few that made me almost squirt out the soy milk i was drinking out my nose... note to you guys, DON'T DRINK AND READ.

for those who want more, check out the comment read, read, READ!!!!!!

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