Tuesday, March 11, 2008

picker upper

i need to break away from all this negativity.... so here goes nothing!

i first heard of marc yu from watching national geographic's "my brillainat brain", a series on the intriguing forms of genius. the episode on mark was the first in the series. i remember after watching it falling in love with this kid's simple adorable-ness. he's what, 10, and he already thinks and talks like he's 40!!! the kid's a freak i tell yah! a cute little chinese scholar trapped in a troll of a body! and man, can the kid play his instrument!!! his piano i mean.... GAD!

just recently, mark yu honored maestro lang lang (i kid you not, his name is lang lang, sounds like a panda's name to me), another chinese music prodigy with his rendition of "the flight of the bumblebee". a super freaking fast piece, so fast, it'll make ur head spin! :) anyway, here's the clip. sorry it's a bit shaky. the actual clip was taken off youtube so i had to find something else to use. this one was probably taken by one of those chinese pirate video makers...

now, since we're already on the chinese youtube band wagon. allow me to share another piece, so graciously shared to me by my pal, rich. enjoy. after all that we've been put through, we all deserve a bit of entertainment.

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