Tuesday, March 18, 2008

summer sizzlers

i first saw these pics last week while working out at the gym. while in between sets, my gym buddy decided to take his time recuperating and started reading the papers (the cheat!). i didn't know what was taking him so long. i was already done with my set and was already starting to cool down. you're only supposed to have 1 minute intervals between sets to maximize your work out you know! but despite my clamors of his to stop being a chicken and be a man and hit the weights again, i sat there with dumbells in hand, ignored. UGH!, no one IGNORES ME while i'm in mid process of achieving adonis-dom!!!! NO ONE!!!! out of frustration, i walked up to him and decided to confront the cheating bastard! upon closer inspection though, i noticed his face was rather stupefied, eyes firmly affixed to the fashion and lifestyle section of the periodicals he was reading. now... my gym buddy is as straight as an iron rod but something about him and reading fashion didn't seem to jive well. then i saw what he was REALLY looking at......

KC is a GODDESS!! i was dumbfounded by the pictorial. i initially thought it was some foreign model, which i already found hot. but it almost blew me away to find out if was KC! anak ng p*****ng i*a!!! by the time i approached, my gym buddy snapped out of his trance and went back to his job, being babied to lift weights (hehehe, joke) leaving me there is bask in the glory that was KC. i had to get these pics i though to myself, i HAD TO!!!! the internet wasn't much of a use since i could not seem to find it on google. i would have thought that such pics would already be the buzz of town the moment it hit the streets, but none.. nothing. that was until today. thanks to brian gorell and the bajillion people who utterly wish tim yap grows a boil from his butthole to his groin.... i found the site, and found the pics that i told my cousin "i swear man, if weren't a fairy...... i wouldn't mind getting me some of that!!".

the face that launched a thousand "ehems".

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