Friday, March 7, 2008

gossip girl

my brother posted about his latest guilty pleasure, gossip girl.

now, allow me to share one of mine, follow the link...

actually, i really could care less about how much of a scumbag DJ montano is. what got my mojo going was the dirt on my favorite bitch to hate... celine lopez. don't really know her personally but that doesn't stop me from getting SUPER irritated by her mere existence. i really could not put a finger on what irked me so much about her, that was, until i read this blog. then everything just crystallized. what a release, reading this blog was. proves when you smell something bad, know that it's connected to something rotten.

how the mighty fall.... though, i doubt they were ever that mighty. too bad! BRAVO brian, keep the posts coming!!!! may your healing come through your very colorful rants and exposes. can't wait to hear on you latest dish on these utterly evil individuals.

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david said...

I saw that on Bryanboy too. Galing nya mag scoop! I <3 Bryanboy!

Grabe ano? Celine Lopez of all people.. ang sama pala ng ugali nya and her best friend DJ is a swindler na palamunin lang pala ng australiano. Hihihi!