Friday, March 21, 2008

HOLY week!

it's good friday, the supposed day of jesus' death. just this morning, a group of self flagellating penitents paraded in front of our house en route to the church behind us. though the practice has already been condemned and deemed "ineffective" by the catholic church, locals here still go for the masochistic exhibition in hopes that their pain and bloodshed can wash them of their sins and offer them another shot at eternal salvation.

i remember before when i was little, in hopes of shielding me from the realities of this gruesome practice, my nanny would tell me that the shrouded bleeding men who were whipping their backs actually were performers who have bathe themselves in del monte banana ketchup. being the innocent child that i was, i believed every bit of that lie. so every holy week, i would park myself at our window anticipating the tomato loving actors who would pass in front. fascinated and entertained by how icky and gooey they must feel now... though i have always wondered why their brand of ketchup was redder than the ones we had at home. now that i am older, i know better. of course i am no longer as gullible. needless to say, my nanny's contribution to the blood-ketchup relationship gave me a whole new appreciation to this ubiquitous condiment.

i have finally gotten the chance to see "la mome" AKA "la vie en rose", the story depeicting the life of french singing icon, edith piaf. quite a sad tale of the rise and fall of such a talented figure, a film depicting her rough childhood, her discovery, her affairs, her addictions, her loves and he lost. it also showed the spectacular performance of marion cotillard as edith piaf. no doubt she deserved that award fro best actress.

i took the liberty of finally getting my hair shaved off. i have been planning it since last year as i have grown tired of fixing my hair every morning. not only does my new "do", or rather the lack of it, save me time in the morning, considering it's already summer, it also spares me the embarrassing experience of melting it public in this heat as i have instant air conditioning care of my bare head!

my mom expressed her dislike for my decision and was trying to dissuade me from doing it, but i feel like i have delayed long enough. she now expresses her protest by pretending she doesn't recognize me every time she sees me. that and teasing me that i look like a convict on death row. WATEVS MA!!!

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