Thursday, March 6, 2008


it was probably the shortest interview ever. there i was, sitting in front of one of the owners of the company. she looked kinda like celeste legaspi and was very soft spoken, almost like a mom. she was telling me how they needed help and that they're afraid the offer won't be too much. though i'm sure there was no way that she struck me as intimidating, i was still literally melting in front of her. it came to a point where in i had to excuse myself and take out my hankie and started patting myself dry. it was SOOOO embarrassing. she must have thought i was this insanely insecure schmuck that couldn't get things together. i got so self conscious that i tried not to panic, more so, show that i was panicking. thankfully, she put me out of my misery and ended the interview within 5 minutes of me sitting on her guest chair. after she excused me, i quickly got up and got out. i found myself hyperventilating and had to literally force myself to calm down. i sure hope i wasn't a complete mess.

they said they'll call me back with an offer though assured me that it might not be as much. well, we'll see how things go. i don't really want to have high hopes since i get emotional easily. i prayed about it and committed it all to God. i said to myself that whatever comes out of this, i'll take it as a man....

after all that. i decided to treat myself to something. i guess it's good practice now for myself that for every hurdle i get myself through, i should reinforce the behavior by a little reward. today's reward, thai chicken salad from kitchen and two new books from powerbooks. i'm still on my "raw diet" so i decided not to stray too far from the regimen. a bed of romaine lettuce with spicy chicken breast flakes, puffed vermicelli and toasted saba, drenched in a sweet peanut satay dressing. delish! i then headed off to powerbooks where i got for myself a recipe book by carol alt on raw food and the philippine tatler interiors catalogue for 2007.

i ended my day feeling rather pleased, despite my rather awkward interview. hey, if it's for me, then it's not for me. i tried my best to put my best foot forward, if that didn't work, then better luck for me.

on a totally UNRELATED note... i have been trying for the past couple of days now of posting about these two pics i found. the first is of louis vuitton fashion maven marc jacobs posting a love letter to the third world's favorite fag, HE, bryanboy. i spotted the pic first while watching urban zone a few weeks back. then a few nights ago, decided to grab the pic and post it here. dunno why i wanted to. maybe to remind me that if u wish it, and forget about being discreet, things will happen. :) my brother told me once that if you send signals into the universe, things will eventually start happening, and here is proof of that. BRAVO bryanboy... BRAVO.

on another totally unrelated note, allow me to present to you all.... the VAGINA SOFA. who ever thought of this is seriously sick up THERE! whoever BUYS this is probably way sicker and need to get themselves checked for parasites... UP THERE!

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