Thursday, March 13, 2008

guess where?

net surfing now is becoming a hobby. funny that it's only now at the age of that i finally got the hang of it. never really got bitten by the surfing bug and frankly, the idea of having the whole world just a click away overwhelmed me. well, that is until now. not saying i'm now as net savvy as the lot of you guys out there (vikki is one of them, she just finds the weirdest and most interesting sites), but i'm getting there. :)

now, back to business... people, guess where!!!?? i found this pic and was mesmerized by the beauty of the interiors. this is a bar/pub somewhere out there beneath a pale moon sky. at first i thought it was somewhere in europe since those EU guys are always coming up with stuff like this. but i was wrong, i was sooooo wrong! the pic shows pods created by these LED backlit dividers that change colors depending on the mood of the club. amazing, simply amazing!!! check out the 3D tour through this link!

after seeing this. i think to myself... kaya din natin yan!!!! :)

isa pa!

check this place out! to melloida! you're already there, might as well take a look-see, oki?

this is SPOTLIGHT LIVE, located in uber sossy new york's times square. what got me interested with this isn't really the interiors but the idea of this resto. you see... this is actually a KARAOKE BAR.

ODB? and the surprises doesn't end there. according to the site's write up on the SPOTLIGHT LIVE EXPERIENCE....

"Serving up fame with a side of fries, Spotlight Live is an unprecedented interactive dining and entertainment experience nestled in the heart of Times Square. Spotlight Live takes Andy Warhol's often-quoted "15 minutes" idea to the next level offering guests their shot at fame."

"Following in the footsteps of today's hottest stars, sing on stage accompanied by professional backup singers and dancers. At Spotlight Live you can cut a hit record in private recording booths and perform "on Broadway" while having it all broadcast to the world online, and live in Times Square on the Spotlight Live Jumbo Tron. Diners can even vote on their favorite performance, instant message other tables, and post comments online using touch-screens at each table."

"Rock 'n' Roll Chef" Kerry Simon has enticed many with his inventive American comfort food and delectable mastery by stepping away from the norm and making it an experience to dine in Manhattan. At Spotlight Live, guests walk in the door for dinner and walk out a star."

other articles have it that they even have fake paparazzis waiting for you as you enter, record contracts, choreographers and even make-up artists. all part in parcel to give you the ultimate kara-OKEY experience!!

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