Saturday, March 1, 2008

polar bear che-nezzz

was browsing through my usual online haunts when i chanced upon this pic of the most adorable dog!!! i was initially dubious about the photo since it looked photoshopped, but after viewing it from it's original site (where there were other photos), it looked like the real deal to me. that being said, i have to say that i'm in love!!!!

was watching velvet last night. as i have mentioned quite a few times already, i have bouts of insomnia and have relegated to watching TV as my sleeping pill. last night, the view was discussing something about how people nowadays no longer had the sense of community. they talked about how the internet has taken over a lot of how we all used to interact with each other. nowadays, social interactions aren't all necessary anymore since everything can be done with a click of a mouse button. you can shop online instead of going to the store. you can do research online instead of going to a library. hanging out with friends can easily be done online as well, more so, meeting new people. sex is not exempted either since people now take advantage of webcams and the many joys of solo-love. i even read from yesterday's papers how two people met, dated and eventually got MARRIED online!!!!! with matching ceremony and reception to boot! all of this modern-day convenience has definitely contributed to the unraveling of the societal fabric we all belong to. people now are less social, more distant, more impersonal and ultimately, more miserable. this reminded me of an article i read ONLINE from entitled "7 reasons the 21st century is making you miserable". the author provides a very good observation as to, despite all the good stuff we have compared to our forefathers, why we are unhappier and our lives still fells like shit.

speaking of shit, i also got to watch "i'm a black TV host and i can have attitude like orpah as well" tyra banks on her shit hole of a show. the topic, how people get attracted other than on looks alone, her discovery channel-esque attempt to demystify the laws of romance based on the other senses like smell, touch, hearing and taste. the show involved a girl playing the dating game, but instead of asking her bachelors questions, the boys had to appeal to the girl's senses, without her ever seeing them. pretty interesting topic if i may say so. you know me, i'm always in the mood for some new tidbit of knowledge. however, i found that i was more interested in one of the hot bachelors tyra had rather than learning scientific geeky stuff from the forehead goddess! this seems to be a constant with her shows, that she will almost always have a model in her show. as if her topics can't stand up to the challenge and she needs to spike it up with some cheesy black-girl talk and hot models. now that i think of it, i'm rather insulted if that's the case. underestimating bitch! ugh.... why do i bother watching her show again... o yeah, because of the HOT MODELS :)

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