Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a casualty of the latest hate blog

check this link out of tina tinio from wikipedia, proves what i once heard dra. margie holmes say, NEVER USE WIKIPEDIA AS A REFERENCE FOR RESEARCH. someone must have been really pissed to make such a hilarious entry....

Tina Tinio

A low-life, make-up and cocaine-obsessed obese who likes to oink oink on parties. She is a product of half a century of corruption and stealing of Taxpayers' money. She thinks she is better than everyone, when in fact she's the epitome of the word PIG: all aspects of it.

Family and Education

Her father is an imported Peruvian Boar from the forest of Likinaka while her mom is a farm-bred Native Mothersuckling Pig from Bacolod.

Tina was raised in a huge organic farm in front of Bauan Beach in La Union. She was fed free-range so as to be eligible for pig-exhibition around the country, at the age of 5-months, she is the youngest piglet ever to have reach 550Ibs, championing all possible pig shows in the country.

She also competed abroad winning top medals on farm shows, gaining even more credibility to her family's bloodline of champion pigs. Her humongous belly fat and extraordinary large arms convinced San Miguel and other companies to buy porks from their farms.

She was educated in Tinio Farm and graduated basic-obedience with top honors.

Professional activities

Pig Course Agility
Using other people's receipts to gain Rustan's FSP Points
Putting on FAKE Mink Eyelashes because she can't afford the £2000 ones.

Personal Activities

Snorting Cocaine
Kissing her lesbian friends
Make-me-beautiful "Make-up" games
Suckling rotten milk from her mom
Drowning boytoys unto her big gross breasts making other people feel they are lower than her

Roman é o caralho, meu nome é Coqueiro porra!

(the above post is from the wikipedia article for tina tinio. the said article no longer exists and has been replaced with the more "legit" version. a friend was kind enough to send me this copy before it was erased from wikipedia.)

my world seemed to have come to a stand still since this blog. i simply cannot get enough. though the entries are starting to loose their luster and flavor, and the comments getting more and more vile and stupid, i still cannot keep myself from checking it at least twice a day. my heart sinks though for the poor boy. he must be going through a really tough time and things don't look like they're getting better. brian is currently getting hounded by death threats (how typical, how UN-original) and have been visited by personnel from the Philippine consulate in sydney. i am at the edge of my seat as to what is going to happen next in this saga. though i am thirsty for justice for brian and one of many who want the people involved get what they deserve, the complacent and non confrontational side of me really wants him to move on with life and live in peace and heal and forget this nightmare... then again, what lesson are we to learn from all of this?

another witness surfaced in the senate again but i could no longer give a damn about THAT circus since vipers can only inflict so much damage on other fellow vipers.

the streets were clear despite the holy week still being more than a week away, which could only mean one thing. another futile attempt by jeepney operators on making a point and holding a metro wide transport strike. all they were successful in doing is give commuters another headache to contend with, like life in manila isn't already frustrating enough.

don't know why i'm posting this but stupidity and mediocrity is once again rewarded. check out the latest winners of the recently concluded bb. pilipinas 2008. despite janina san miguel's fumbling horribly on her question and answer portion, she still bags the title of bb. pilipinas world. simply amazing... though, i never really expected much from beauty pageants.

what is happening to this country!!!!!???

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