Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a walk to remember

got up and tried psyching myself for what my day is to bring. been working till 1pm the previous day fixing my resume and making sure my portfolio would not doom me. i made seven copies, all addressed to the movers and shakers of the design world, or so to my thinking. put on a comfortable pair of shoes, wear presentable clothing, said my prayers and drove off to seize the day.

of the seven predetermined recipients of my application, i was only able to drop off 1. i was however able to drop off another, thanks to the kind referrals of my alma mater. so all in all, i had two drop offs, two out of seven. that would have been a fail based on any standard. i should take it as a consolation though that the impromptu drop off called me up and already and scheduled a meeting. hopefully, fate is working in my favor.

things i learned today...

1. prayer can beat any efforts of planning.
2. parking in makati, from someone who hates parking, is terrible and almost none existent.
3. walking and looking for addresses in makati is like looking for a grape in a sea of cherries.
4. you would have to be quite a multi-tasker to be able to watch your step, look out for traffic, look for addresses and carry your belongings while wiping off your sweat.
5. sweating and looking like a wet dog when dropping off your resume is not a good first impression.
6. when you pray for good weather, be more specific.
7. owning a parking lot in makati is like owning a hen that lays golden eggs.
8. the roads of makati is like the veins on the arm of some really vascularized body builder.
9. i miss having a driver.
10. i miss winter.

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