Saturday, September 7, 2013

I am...

I AM pecUliar
    distiNctly ordInary.
         almost, but not QUitE.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


"I like you because you have chinky eyes".

I never understood what is it about this statement that I always find myself questioning whether to take it as a compliment (that my only redeeming quality are slits for eyes), or an insult (that my only redeeming are slits for eyes). It never seemed to bother me before, but as of late, this by far seems to be the most common reason why I get people to even take second glance at me, or my pictures in some social site I would rather not mention. LOL

Either I am thirsting for more original conversation-starters, or the statement just sounds really (pardon me for saying it) DUMB. It has even come to a point that I found myself correcting a guy, maybe out of exasperation, that I actually dont have chinky eyes, but rather have them almond shaped... contrary to what a lot of people think. Chinese does not always equate to chinkiness. If that was so, I would think you'd hear clamor from the other East and Central Asians out there, who I believe have better ownership of the term (seen any Mongolians lately? Or even Eskimos!)

Sometimes I wonder how the laws of attraction works. It has been theorized that we have been wired to find the most symmetrical to be the most attractive. Symmetry equates to better genes, as well as a preponderance of genetically dominant traits. Taking this into account.... having slits for eyes are to me, by far, the most ASYMMETRICAL feature one can have if taken as a basis for attractiveness, even more so as dominant traits go, since they really aren't. So what really is it about eyes disappearing under the folds of one's face that simply have these people find it so special?

In China, people spend LOTS of money to actually have their eyes less chinky. Plastic surgeons make a killing slitting (apparently) these slits open to enlarge people's eyes, adding folds and what nots, just so these natural chinks don't look like natural chinks anymore. So, if one day all of China gets "un-chinkified".... would slits-for-eyes still be called chinky?

Sorry, it's still early in the day and my brain is just starting to warm up.

Been chatting with a guy who selects his dates by this feature, and another guy who has this feature. In fairness to chinks (myself not included), there are some really good looking ones out there, who look even more adorable when their eyes disappear. I guess it's an endearing feature, baby-faced and soft, unlike the more testosterone, -ERish feature manly men usually have. I probably just dislike it that my person was reduced to this just one feature, so minor, so small, that if I just had your typical shaped eyes, I wouldn't even stand a chance of getting this much attention.

A sad, frustrating reality.

Then again, I am sure I am guilty of doing similar forms of reduction, just not with eyes.