Sunday, March 23, 2008

of movies and marathons

saturdays are supposed to be the most activity packed day of the week. people are supposed to be up and about with fresh energy and seizing the first day of the weekend. it's not the case however when it's holy week. when it's black saturday, things move at a very lethargic pace, almost like how people probably behaved back during the dark ages, hence, black saturday would be a very appropriate term.

i spent my mornings doing what i do, check my mail. i hoped that not all the world comes to a halt during that day. that despite the entire christendom becoming extra solemn on christ's first day of death, that there would be some vestige of life somewhere else in the world and that life would somehow trickle down its way and find itself in my mail box. sadly, i had none of that. no email, nothing. even the juicy blogs i frequent didn't offer something worthy. i was bored... dead bored.

i then resorted to my next choice for salvation, cable. nothing interesting as well. either this lingering mood is slowly getting intoxicating or this saturday was just really a down day. i soon got my answer as i stumbled upon a rather intriguing show. studio 23 was having a marathon showing of the first season of kyle xy. i have never heard of this show before and it was my first time to watch it. i have to say, i am hooked! either this was just my body trying to desperately latch on to something, anything, that's more interesting than counting my toenail clippings or the show is REALLY FREAKING GOOD! well, it was really freaking good. it's so good, my kuya, who was asleep through most of the show, woke up, saw parts of it, and never went back to sleep.

kyle xy revolves around kyle, a strange teenager who was found naked in the woods, suffering from amnesia. he has no recollection of how he got there or where he's from. he also has no idea on anything about everything, with one of the characters so aptly describing him as "having a newborn, but he's fully grown". stranger still, kyle has no navel and somehow possesses superhuman abilities. despite having no idea on the concepts of time and of social interactions, he can solve graduate level math problems in minutes, learn how to do an air jordan overnight, and fix a server unit by just browsing through the manual. what i especially liked about this show is that the story didn't really just focus on kyle's super human abilities but also dabbled on normal human interactions between him and the show's other characters. think dawson's creek meets smallville. the plot definitely has a lot of twists and turns and keeps viewers at the edge of their seats, lusting for more!!!! i am SO a fan! it has everything i look for in a series, mystery, suspense, eye candy, character vulnerability and lots of teenage angst!!!

now, that being said, you could just imagine the torment i had to go through when my kuya pried me off my marathon addiction to go watch 10,000BC. we have been planning to go see this movie for a few weeks now right after seeing the trailer and for some reason, he developed the itch to watch it now. right NOW. after some effort in exercising great amounts of my will, i managed to turn off the tube and turn my back from what was my present love. now, in hindsight, i shouldn't have betrayed my kyle.... for 10,000 BC. sucked!

10,000BC. was such a waste of story and film. couldn't really say much about the acting since a lot of it was done either under thick layers of snow, in the midst of a sea of CG effects of just a lot of battle scenes. the plot, being as simple as a guy, running after her girl who got kidnapped and in the course of it, found his destiny was stretched out to unimaginable lengths, almost making it seem that the movie will take 10,000 years to finish. i had such high hopes for this movie considering how they packaged it. great cinematography, up-tempo music, spectacular CG and lots of action proved to be a good combination in duping people to shell out money to watch this LOTR wannabe. i swear.... i was so bored i found myself scanning the cinema looking at the people who looked equally as bored as we were.

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