Saturday, March 8, 2008

why can't we have one of that?

what does imelda marcos, jackie O and this girl, whose almost NSFW photo i am posting have in common? (cue in jeopardy music, NOW!)

well, besides looking gorgeous at one time in their lives, the later more current, all three women, and get this, were first ladies of a country!!!!! well, the last being a CURRENT first lady!!!!! meet carla bruni-sarkozy, current beau of french president nicolas sarkozy, posing in all her glory for the april issue of GQ magazine.... mary fu***ng syet! pu***g *na! diba!? that's the freaking first lady of freaking country!!!! grabe! i swear, just leave it up to the french to make something so utterly BLAH so fiercely HOT!!!

teehihi, i just had a really nasty thought. the blogs i got this photo from were saying what would hillary clinton look like if she posed like this when she was first lady.... GAD! you people are so mean!!! but then, just imagine LOI, or more so MING RAMOS!!!! o god.... i think i'm gonna barf....

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