Monday, March 10, 2008

i'm pathetic

my usual routine after i wake up in the morning is to check my email. i do a quick run through if anything important came up or if there is any mail that i need to reply to. it's my scholastic dose for the day to jump start my morning... well, not until i stumbled upon that hell of a blog about dj montano, et al. since that fateful evening, i haven't had a decent morning. the moment my PC comes to life and i get myself connected to the net, i head straight to brian's blog to see what latest gossip he has so generously dished out.

to say that i am addicted is quite an understatement. funny though since i never truly thought that i was the kind of person who would be so obsessed with news like this. news actually bores me. any news for that matter. it actually takes a great deal to get me interested in a topic. A very great deal. my mom would often ask how come i don't read the papers. truthfully, it's just because there is nothing in the local papers to read. nothing in it i feel i can relate to or even would want to relate to. local politics is full of shit and will always be. the business section remains uninformative, despite how they season their articles with so much nonsensical business jargon. the lifestyle sector talks about the same people over and over again, like a broken record. showbiz balita is gross and written by equally gross people. by far, the only thing that seems to be really worth reading is the opinion and editorial section, but then again, i'd rather hit the net and read from there. not as much bullshit and very straight to the point. so as you can see, there really isn't that many for me to read or get interested in.

so to be gripped by the likes of this vengeful blog against one of manila's most notorious socialite truly fascinated me. i don't really know any of these people neither do i move in their circle. yet despite how unfamiliar i am with them, it has to be asked, why am i so interested, so hooked, so craving for more!?

recent comments posted on the site has been blaming the nation's crab mentality to be the driving force behind the blog's loyal reader base. it seems that many of us just want to see "great" and "successful" people fall from grace. what these people are great or successful in doing on the other hand is totally a different story. calls for people to FOCUS on the topic at hand, i.e., dj and celine's treachery, pop up regularly amidst an explosion of theories and mud slinging on involved parties and then some. somehow, the blog served like a communal pandora's box of sort. by the author unleashing a few demons, the people contributed a gamut, thereby shaking what has never a steady foundation of manila's infamous society scene.

so, what really is so addictive about the site? to be honest, i think it is just that. sheer honesty. i think that is also the reason why i don't enjoy reading the papers since i can see through all the glaze, all the hypocrisy, all the BS they spread over news. i, like most people like my truth served unrefined and raw. no processed carbs for me, thank you. which i feel is basically brian's blog. the raw hurt and unedited emotion is intoxicating. it embarrasses me to say it but it's like i am feeding on his misery. his pain was like a breath of fresh air. air that was definitely a sharp contrast from this jaded, inhibited and indifferent atmosphere we all call our own.

we all know what scumbags these people are but we never really called them on it. we instead raise them on pedestals and give them more glory. we hate them and do not condone their behavior but we don't do anything about it. instead, we further feed their egos and worst, made them idol figures for people to aspire to. now, a foreigner chooses to act appropriately and we finally get the kick on the shin that made us come to our senses. it's very interesting to read so many comments from anonymous contributors about the inside secrets of the lives of these people. many agree to the alleged stories of brian, even giving accounts of their own experiences, confirming that fact that we, as a society, decided to turn a blind eye and indirectly, allow this injustice to happen. brian accuses celine lopez of being silent. he could just as well accuse us of the same.

mirror, mirror, on the wall.... is this the refection of what our society has come to now? calloused, snooty, self centered, materialistic, worldly, vain... a degradation of values and the disintegration of the moral knit that makes us all human. standards are changing and from how things are looking, it's not good.

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