Sunday, April 6, 2008


good grief! it's been a while since i last wrote and quite honestly, i think i'm starting to regret it. so much has happened and i distinctly remember saying to myself, "gee, that was nice, i should write about that!" but alas, my laziness has gotten the better of me and that memory is long gone. it sucks to have the short term memory of a potato. information goes in, bumps around my neurons and easily slips out of whatever orifice of my head it can find! swoosh! gone!

been keeping myself abreast still of the whole brian gorell VS. the gucci gang and despite how things are starting to slow down, i am still a fan. most especially now that brian is posting more and more pics of himself. man, he is cute. even my straight friend commented on his photogenic qualities. i however am not quite fond of his voice, its rather nasal and not really something that would make you want to say "ooh, talk to me more" :) for the moment, i am happy with the voice i have designated to him. a nice cross between the confidence in george clooney's tone and the velvety texture of some british dude i have yet to hear. anyhow, the mix is patented and is fully MINE!!! ahahaha! with regards to brian's cause. not wanting to sound very showbiz but, more power to the dude. may he continue to wreck havoc to the vain glory of manila's so called elite and have future wannabes reconsider what it means to be members of high-society. no one is above anyone, at the end of the day, we are all worm food. you may have grown up eating caviar and foie gras or left overs from a week back, but when you have been sent to the trash heap, worms could care less... that is , unless your part of the GG. i don't think worms can stoop that low! ahahahahaha.

i never really realized how all this BG vs. DJ have united almost everyone in the country! it's definitely a phenomenon of which i am sure, if i was more of an intellectual, would realize the social significance of all this. but since i am a mere smart ass, i can only relish in the fact that i was part of the wonderful few early birds who got to read this blog while it was still hot and juicy! honestly, i am surprised how some people still have not heard of this blog. more so, how some people would want to read it just to "belong". you know us pinoys, we herd like sheep and the worst thing that could happen to us is if we are fall out of the loop. i guess that is why rumors spread in our country like wildfire in a rainstorm of gasoline! case in point... the guys in my gym.

i was working out the other day. contrary to popular belief, gyms are not necessarily gay church. well, maybe if you go to fitness first or gold's, but where i go to, you get testosterone in it's purest, most unadulterated form, and i'm not necessarily talking about roid shooters. now, owing to this fact, it's not uncommon to hear incessant swearing by macho men trying to coax each other to lift more, push more, pull more, till every vein in their bodies pop out like the road map of DUBAI!!! also, minor indiscretions like adultery are handled like trade secrets handed down from master to disciple. of course, being an indistinct rose in a sea of near sighted anthuriums, i had to continue to keep a low profile. god forbid i get discovered that i use moisturizer to keep my skin soft and supple! i laugh at bad jokes, nod like i understood basketball jargon, snicker at someones achievement of duping a girl to sleep with him, and admiring rubber shoes like it was from the latest season of prada! it takes a bit of effort but i manage. now, having no topic of interest with these people other than their occasional inquiries on medicine and exercise (i have been outed to be a physical therapist by my trainer, who himself is a physical therapist), i was quite surprised when asked one day of i have heard of the notorious blog. needless to say, i was caught off guard, being in mid-rep of my bicep curls. without batting an eyelash, i dropped the 30lbs. weight and proceeded to give my opinions on the blog and the key players to watch out for. being the helpful soul that i was, i gave my in depth guide of which posts to read for those who are beginners to the subject, and to those who are more interested, a commentary of the plights of gay caucasian men who get tricked by their asian lovers.

at that moment, the weights floor went abuzz!!!!!! who would have thought that straight men could cackle like hens!!!! and, it was MY TYPE OF CACKLE!!!!! i loved it! :) at last, my type of language! now you hear people throwing words like "gucci" and "70,000!". of course, as the conversation went on, it became apparent that they were not as well informed as i had hoped. but i cannot complain, my boys tried.... by golly they tried and i was a proud mama!!! not long after, they revert back to which girls butt is yummier and i quickly regressed back to my default smile and grinning eyes.

the days went by rather fast this week. i tried busying myself by starting to source materials for my new project. HOLY CRAP! i never realized how expensive things are already. honestly. i latter realized that its a sellers market right now with the stronger economy. the construction boom created great demand, supply went down, prices went up. for a cheap skate like myself, seeing all of those digits in my estimates was like slitting my wrist with a rusty spoon. just torturous!!!!

on the lighter side of things, i had the wonderful chance to spend some good time with friends this week. it's good to talk to people, especially those who know you well as a person. no problems, no need of venting, just casual conversation. makes me remember of the good old days when we were still in school.

was at MC home depot yesterday and i found myself gripped by nostalgia. it was two years ago that i was there, standing by the main entrance talking to vikki, contemplating about dubai. such a long time ago yet the memory was vivid. it was sad by richie who was with me, made me shake it off. coincidentally, my phone rang and it was another friend asking me how it was working in dubai. talk about weird!!!

anyway, let me cap off these random bursts of thought by this pic. i was in my regular mall when i saw this sight. i had to take a picture of it as i found it utterly adorable! its a booth that sells phonecards!!!!!! i swear, it put a smile in my face that lasted me for a good hour! :) hope it gives you all one too! peace!

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