Friday, April 18, 2008


i had a meeting with my client today to discuss the budget of the project i am designing for her. after weeks of trying to find cheaper alternatives to the ever increasing cost of my design, i finally succumbed to the fact that it will just be too expensive to build. i worriedly typed up the budget estimates and anxiously presented it to my client for her perusal.

now i have had experience with this before and despite working in uber lux dubai, i still have had my share of clients turning down the entire project because of budgetary issues. now that i think of it, i have had more turned-down projects than those that pushed through. so i can't really be blamed of feeling nervous during this meeting. i handed my quote to her, she reads it carefully. she asks me pertinent questions as to why the items costs so much and i dutifully answer her to the best of my knowledge. she then asks me what my plan is and i tell her that we should reserve the materials if she has no problems about them. she gives me an inquisitive look... then takes her check book out and and hands me an amount that almost made me slip off my seat.

she made me write her a note stating the received the amount from her. as my hands shook while writing, i jested to her that i'll also put down the number of my mom, just in case i suddenly disappear and someone need to contact her.

it was certainly a bad day to be commuting!!!!

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