Sunday, April 27, 2008

highs and lows, ups and downs and all that goes round

this past week has been rather interesting if i may say so myself. first there's work. my client has now entrusted the legalities of the project to us as she went on her vacation to the land of great chocolates and watches. legalities i mean, arranging the documents for the city hall approval, a vital step for us before we can actually nail in a nail apparently.

i have been spending the past couple of days fine tuning the architectural drawings for legal critique, ironing out details which i think would come under some scrutiny. owing to the fact that this is my first ever attempt to submit drawings, the experience obviously did little in calming my nerves. scenario after scenario run past my overly paranoid head until i could not take it anymore. i needed to get distracted. i therefore decided to go shopping, for my client that is. that check that she issued to my name finally cleared and i am now loaded to start purchasing the materials for the project. ah... nothing makes me feel better than spending other people's money. of course, my relief was short lived, but it did the trick. i came back refreshed, renewed and more optimistic. the drawings are now for approval by the expert, i.e., richie and i await for his comments.

on a totally different topic. i have decided to pursue improving my social skills as well as my "marketability", if u can say that. though i never really thought i would resort to such measures in trying to meet people, i finally decided to put down my high ideals for a while and see what my little experiment will lead to. i'll call this project, "operation: finding a date". i recently joined two social networking (dating) sites, both under different aliases, one with my real pic, while one with some avatar i got online. been tracking which of the two sites i joined get the most views from ppl, and as expected, ppl respond more to contacting real people rather than some nameless pic, cute and interesting that pic may seem. respect the fact that i will keep the sites anonymous as i dont think i'd like ppl screwing with my results :) most especially since a lot of the site's users are, lets just say, seeking for more than just someone to talk to.

truth be told, being "praning" that i am, this venture into online dating was definitely something that was WAY out of my comfort zone. i feel so vulnerable being surrounded by strangers with even stranger intentions. this however is also one reason why it's so interesting i guess. being a stranger myself to others, there really isn't any history for them to judge me. i have no plans of being someone that i am not, even online and this experiment of mine made me put my best foot forward at the first try. if ppl responded to that, then great. if not, then its ok. being rejected online is at least less hurtful than being rejected in person. i know there are more risks involved other than just a bruised ego. a certain amount of discretion is needed since nothing is real in the virtual world. nothing can replace good old fashion meet ups and personal contact. most especially for me since i need to read ppl first and get their vibes before anything else and i can only do it when we are in close proximity to each other. it's difficult to be an empath when the only signals u get thru the screen is the speed of one's internet connection.

so the experiment continues. i have had conversations with quite an interesting bunch of people so far. some naughty, some nice. some seek for companionship, some just out to have a good time. who will eventually fit my fancy, well, its only been a week so time will eventually tell.

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