Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my weird breakfast

unlike some people, i am not really a breakfast type of guy. morning grub often take the form of pills or when i am feeling more gluttonous, a cup of milk. though the usual dictum for meals is "eat like a king in the morning, a queen at noon, and a pauper in the evening", it's usually the other way around for me. late night burst of energy to work, coupled with insomnia made me a nocturnal grazer, having an erratic morning schedule of course did not do well for me either. being busy freelancing means you have time for anything and no time for everything, meals included. i'm still managing a rather healthy meal schedule since work has not yet been that hectic, though i can see that it will soon be very different a few weeks from now.

i woke up today rather early than what i was used to. i got a call from a supplier and that pretty much ruined whatever drowsiness i still had left within me. i looked at my clock and it was 7:30am. deciding that since i was awake already, might as well check on my guilty pleasure.

as i have said, i have been a team brian member from the start. recently, mr. gorell has been a guest on 89.9Fm radio on mo twister's morning show. though not really a radio listener, much more an early show fan, i did however consider trying to wake up early just to hear brian talk and discuss his issues first hand. unfortunately, insomnia and work keeps me up late at night and i seriously love my sleep more. last night, after checking brian's blog, i learned that he was going to be on again this morning, and also was kitty go! the idea was definitely a pleasant one, brain and kitty, bitching about bitchy high society! it was almost too good to resist, but i did. i had no intention of waking up that early... but, i did. unceremoniously.

7:30, he must be on by now, i thought. turned on the radio and listened in the darkness (my room stays dark the whole day... wonderful during hot summer days). i learned that brian is realizing how unlikely he is going to see his money, that he is using all this negative energy to make something positive of it, that he is humbled by the many donations he has gotten, that google will no longer terminate his blog. i also learned that i don't like mo twister so much. that though he may be a good radio show host, his opinions and, frankly, his attitude, is too much for me to take so early in the morning. so i guess that will be that for me. funny, he was asking listeners which celebrity they no longer liked because of a scandal. hmm, well, didn't someone disappear to the US after he allegedly knocked up a girl!?

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