Monday, October 13, 2008


is it just me or have you guys noticed as well that people have been acting rather strange lately. people are either rather touchy-feely and overly sensitive or depressed.... which also includes me i guess.

read from chuvaness that this is brought by the planet mercury screwing with us all. really... have we all stooped to such levels already that we now blame a PLANET for all of our problems? geez, im an emotional eater, must be JUPITER'S fault. o my, venus is SOOOO blocking my aura. my rash is acting up again, damn you mars, DAMN YOU!!!!!


found myself having a chat with my brother again as i was just about to take a nap. i needed to rest my brain as it felt like mush already from all the thinking i have been doing these past few days. as we were talking, i mentioned to him that i was taking his advice to heart, about trying to not be as emotional. i told him that there had been many occasions in my day that i could have blown my top, but chose not to. i told him i didn't want to give power to negativity anymore, for to loose my cool would just add fuel to the flame, i said. he agreed. he added as well that words released, u can never take back. we talked more about stuff after that. life in general, our concerns for the family, for ourselves, for the future. it was quite the highlight of my day actually, ironically, the entire conversation was done in pitch darkness as he was readying to go to sleep as well.


today will be the season premier of HOUSE on AXN. i seriously cannot wait!! catty comments, mind boggling medical mysteries and all the sexual tension!!!! i just LOVE IT! makes me almost regret dropping out of medical school! :)


theTripper said...

didn't i mentioned in one of ur entries that ur a bit emo lately? hehehe. so its the planets fault. hahaha.

this blog really serves its purpose for u. :)

jamie da vinci! said...

i have :) fucking mercury's fault! hahahahaha! i have always believed that blogging keeps me sane :)

wanderingcommuter said...

i think its a good justification of being emo... hahaha. its the astral alignments fault... hahahaha.

jamie da vinci! said...

wanderers UNITE!!! i LAVET! :) its almost the 16th na... i can almost feel mercury's power weakening :) hehehe...