Monday, October 6, 2008

an affair with 4 M's

my weekend in four letters... M, M, M and M.

first M. MALCOLM's place.

right after shedding off all of that water and (some) weight from pilates and muaythai, kuya and i headed to have breakfast. he suggested this place at salcedo village that i have never been to before called Malcolm's place, this small eatery along tordesillas that made a name for itself for serving wagyu beef. now for those of you who have no idea what wagyu is, here is a short description from kuya... Wagyu beef comes from cattle that are genetically predisposed to intense marbling (not the Romblon kind) and producing a high percentage of unsaturated fat. The cows are given sake wine massages and fed grain diets and beer and are popular for their increased eating quality because of its naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

both of us were obviously famished from our torturous morning and were ready to devour anything! it was at that moment that the wagyu tapsilog caught my undivided attention. tender, flavorful and o so divine, this was probably the best tapa i have ever had, and im not just saying that coz i was hungry. it really was. i have had been craving for tapa for the longest time, unfortunately, had only had access to jollibee (which felt like eating beef flavored rubber) so to finally satiate my food lust with this plate of pinoy breakfast decadence was definitely a God sent! i left with my plate short of being licked clean!

as if that was not sinful enough, allow me to introduce M number 2.... MORE MEAT (that's actually 2 M's right?)

we went to rockwell after that wonderful breakfast to walk off all that fuel we just ingested. kuya went his separate way while i loitered around the mall checking out what's new. dunno what was it today but i saw bea alonzo at zara and rafael rosel at bench. artistahin talaga yung dalawa, even if ur not familiar with their celebrity, u wud definitely give them a second look. beautiful people and such radiance without even trying... note, rafael looked really hot :) anyway... kuya and i met up a bit later and chances had it that we were both starting to get rather hungry. probably still tasting the wagyu in our mouths, we found ourselves heading towards pepper lunch, this hot japanese franchise DIY/ cook ur steak at ur plate resto! i bumped into Melloida while i was there eating with Mike and company. (its just raining M's!!!!). we both got the steak and burger combo, a meat lover's dream. juicy and oozing with great flavor, i had it with the pepper rice and it was just a dream to eat... and i ATE it all. (pig, pig, PIG!!!)

funny how our saturday went, almost like both of us were revolting against fitness and health, we capped off our day by heading thru rockwell's baker's fair and purchased some pastillas, puto/ kutchinta, thai lanzones and frozen brazo de mercedes, the latter being the BEST i have ever tasted....

M number 3, MARCIANO's

sunday being our weekly mall day, kuya and i tried this new italian resto at greenbelt 3 called Marciano's. i was the one who suggested it since i wanted to get his opinion on their food. i was there with friends a few weeks back and had a rather good experience. i also caught wind that they served this 700g steak that i felt was just beckoning to be eaten. kuya originally had some doubts about the place. he's been a rather picky eater and he values his sunday dinners highly. though i understand full well his concerns about the place, he finally relented after i showed him the menu for the 700g steak (gluttony prevails again!).

the steak...well, was so-so. no where near actually from the tapa we had the day prior, nor the sirloin from pepper lunch. kuya said it right, for the price, it definitely was not worth it. the rest of the food we ordered also fell below expectations. the artichoke hearts were bland, the roasted garlic soup tasted flat and the grilled chicken with apple salad lacked zing. to add more insult to injury, we got to our movie late since it took the staff forever to get our bill. i asked kuya what his verdict was (something we do when we try a new place) and unsurprisingly, he gave it an F, fail.

M numero quatro! MIRRORS.

we got to our movie a few minutes late so we weren't able to see how the movie began, thankfully, it we were still able to get there before opening credits so it wasn't so bad.

Mirrors is the latest thriller movie starring kiefer sutherland that dealt on these strange paranormal activities occurring through the mirrors the moment he took this job as the night watchman in this old, condemned shopping mall.

i have to say, despite not having high hopes with this movie and the poor acting by some of the actors, i kinda enjoyed watching it, if not only just to get the periodic shock! the story was well laid out and the pacing was good. things started happening quick and early (which i like) and they kept the audience glued on to their seats for the next nail biting scene. i liked it also that the special effects did not overpower the movie, which sadly, occurs often nowadays. kiefer was good in his role though there were a few moments wherein i had to stifle my smile as my mind wandered off to thinking this was another episode of 24. paula patton, the actress who played his wife on the other hand, well, she was pretty. i'll be nice, and she has nice breasts... :) no wonder. dialogue could have been better but again, it's a thriller, i doubt they're vying for best script at the oscars.

overall, Mirrors was a nice movie. it fulfilled it's purpose of giving fright to those of weaker constitutions and entertainment for those who just needed the distraction.


disgruntled steak-aholics.... kuya and i found ourselves at malcolm's place again this morning after our morning work out. each of us had a 312g striploin that was grilled to perfection. i sincerely will be punished for this gluttony... umaasa pa ba akong mag join ng Marathon in the future? hahahaha!


theTripper said...

takaw. hahaha.

u should try marathon even once. it's worth the experience that u finish a 42k run. only few has the courage to do it. so do it! hehehe

jamie da vinci! said...

gourmands lang :) its fun to critique, food most especially. such sensual experiences :)

wud love to try for a marathon. im starting to change my gym routine actually and add more running and ease on the lifting. TRAIN MO KO KUYA!