Friday, October 10, 2008

walking on air

the "on air" series is a group of exercises my trainer makes me do while i am on the cadillac while doing Pilates. since having made me do them the first time, i think he is growing fond of seeing me do it again and again and again. the movements deals with strengthening the lower trunk coupled with developing coordination for the muscles working on the legs, back and pelvis. they are called the "on air" series since all movements are done with ur legs up in the air, hips and low back lifted off the mat with only ur upper back and head on the bed, like ur on air!

i particularly like this series since i fell more comfortable having my butt off the bed really. i think owing to the structure of my torso, having a longer one and a more muscular back, i have more movement bias to perform these exercises better than the normal, more proportional pilates practitioner :) i also like the fact that it challenges ur core and coordination coupled with ab strengthening. its like having 3 power workouts in one. by the time u reach the last motions of the series, u really start to shake. ur back starts to fatigue and lower back down to the mat. but when u get up on ur feet, wow, u feel as if u grew a few inches taller since almost all ur postural muscles would have kicked in by now. now i NEVER EVER experienced that in the gym :)


just to show you how my mind wanders aimlessly, more so when i blog. i was supposed to talk about my sleepless night and my utterly long meeting. how my brain was already playing tricks on me and how cute one of the contractors we met was. "walking on air" was the feeling i had the entire day, like in a bubble. i could not afford to float about since that wasn't really going to look professional at all, most especially with the clients being there. but the body was just too weak. not long after, my usual formal composure started to crack and my laid back nature was exposed. nothing bad happened, thankfully, just that i dont prefer being chummy chummy and familiar with clients at the beginning... first impressions u see :)

haaaay..... cute talaga nung guy.... buti nalang i got his email.... need to send him additional details for the project pa kasi.... hehehehe!!! ANG LANDI!!!!! NAKAKASUKA!!!!! hahahaha.... man i need to sleep.....

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