Wednesday, October 15, 2008

its finally OVER!

after almost FIVE, get that, FIVE days of whining, grumbling, moaning and groaning, it's finally over... my funk that is.

goodness gracious, was that some kind of a PMS-ing shittyesque escapade that i went through or what?! i certainly wouldn't want to go through anything like that again. it's soooooo difficult to get urself to do anything. i'm actually amazed that i was still able to deliver to my clients. working during those days felt absolutely horrible!

yesterday, if ever there was a day to call the worse, felt like the worse. with work piling up to the dear heavens for me, i wanted to run my errands in the morning and finish by noon. that gives me ample time to do everything i needed to do for my client presentation this morning, of which, i still had nothing done. as i woke up.... the sky looked grey (crap!), a few minutes later... it started to rain (double crap!). i drove to downtown to look for hardware and lights and couldn't get decent parking (triple crap!!), and my suppliers, for some odd reason, were extra neglectful today (quadruple CRAP!!!). by the time i was able to finish all my errands, all of which could have easily taken up just a mere 1 1/2 hours, 4 hours had elapsed. i was soaking wet, muddied and... well, not in a very good place. it took every ounce of my humor just to get me to turn on my engine and drive away without running people over. thankfully so, the drive was quite pleasant and traffic was light. by the time i arrived in makati, though still soaking wet from sweat and rain, i was cool and calm already.

needless to say, my schedule went out the window from then. after all was done, i got home already late evening. i was tired, drained and sluggish. not even all the coffee in the world could have perked me up. working that evening till the wee hours of the morn was not fun, not even a bit. i had to constantly take "brain breaks" just to keep me engaged. thank goodness really for blogs, i swear. it had saved my ass so many times ud think God must be a blogger too! i eventually finished and this morning, and in the end, my client liked what i did. yehey!

so i guess it's finally over then. with that presentation and this sense of utter relief i'm feeling right now, i can only assume that whatever it was that was weighing me down has finally worn off. i can finally rest in peace. oh, i wish i'd bump into wentworth tonight! haven't seen him in what feels like ages now! hehehehehe.


on a sad note, my deepest condolences to fran for the lose of mauser, her ever beloved cat. she had to put him to sleep since it was more humane rather than have him continuously suffer from kidney failure.

mauser was this beautiful malaysian tabby. sweet and playful. he was like fran's child. we will all miss him.

ervin with mauser. happier times.


Bryan Anthony the First said...

loving your cat


jamie da vinci! said...

thanks for dropping by bryan. he was definitely a beau. was as heartbroken to know of his passing. regards to the folks in papua new guinea :)