Thursday, October 16, 2008


i was working late last night (worry not, this entry is not to rant, though knowing how aimless my writing is, it always helps to be alert), since i had to email my partner details for a project we are working on over YM when he popped in. it's been a while since i last saw angkor (i think this pseudo will suit him quite well) online. he usually logs in and out at the weirdest of times so our conversations, on the occasions we actually do have one, are often short with long intervals in between.

i dont usually start conversations over YM since i have this habit of thinking that people online have more important things to do rather than chat with me. so what i do is i just make myself visible and leave it to them to whether or not message me first, out of courtesy ba? anyway, last night, i decided to say hi first, he immediately reciprocated with a warm hello. like how it is always with us, our conversation became rather lively after the plesantries. i have always liked chats with angkor, particularly since they almost always feel like talks people have over a nice cup of coffee. he travels quite a lot with his work so you could only imagine how diverse our topics get. last night, he mentioned to me that his company was sending him to europe, deutchland to be exact. he's then planning to take a side trip to paris for a couple of days before heading back home. he then asked me if i could give him any advice on his trip since it was his first time traveling to europe. knowing me, i had TONS of advice, an accumulated smorgasbord of bits from people ive talked to before, things i have read, seen and theorized. they may not be personal experiences but i sure sound like they are.

i told him to bring warm clothes for one. its fall now, turning to winter, and unless you're a polar bear (like me) then you will not take pleasure of the nippy chill, nor seeing your piss steam as u use the john (but that's another story). i also adviced him to soak in as much culture as he can, u only get to go to europe so often, might as well make the most of it. he said he's gonna go food tripping and sample the sausages and wines in germany and france. he's skipping the nighlife since he said he's not really the adventurous type. he then mentioned something that got me to fall off my chair... he was visiting the louvre (i have a fridge magnet of it, a gift from a friend who went, that i stare at everytime). the palace museum, in paris, in fall, in fashionable winter clothing.... how perfect is that?

our chat eventually crossed over to stories about me, about my travels and dubai and my recent encounters with the funk. stories of my heritage, christmas and how awful it is to shop here in divi. we talked about airports and how much we both loved loitering in them, how the BKK airport looked spectacular and how pinoys have basically taken over the position as sales rep to the world!

we ended our chat close to midnight, as always, cinderella time. he needed to retire for the night while i was running low on fuel as well. with our goodbyes, we exchanged promises of better conversations next time and pictures from his trip. i required him to make me super jealous :) pleasant voyage angkor!!!! pasalubong ko!


theTripper said...

ang bilis mo mag -update. inggit ako. hehehe

so u r also chatting online. i wonder how jamie is on real-time chatting. ;)

jamie da vinci! said...

add me and find out for urself :) be forewarned though... madaldal ako! hahahaha :)

YM ko. jamiedavinci