Sunday, October 5, 2008

my lats, my lats, my lats, my LATS!

the latissimus dorsi is the largest muscle of the back, spanning from the spines of the middle to the lower back, as well as the shoulder blade and terminating at a small point near the head of the arm, around the shoulder. this is usually the wide developed muscle one sees in muscular people that gives them that wide "wing", rather than the "cobra hood" which is made by an over developed trapezius. due to its situation, the latissimus dorsi, or lats, has excellent leverage in depressing the shoulder, rotating and extending the arm, pressing the arm against the body as well as protracting the shoulder when it is in a forward position, the last movement is best seen when punching.

i attended my first muaythai class yesterday after being invited by one of the trainers. i have always been interested in the sport to be honest but have never really gotten the courage to try it out since, knowing full well how i am, i have absolutely NO coordination. i always kid to people that i am so uncoordinated, i have yet to finish stage 1 of the super mario brothers on nintendo! dont even get me started on the miracle that i DRIVE! :) but really, this small fact about how my limbs all have a mind of their own served as a major hindrance for me. but i guess i was in a good mood that day and since i really had nothing else better to do, i decided to might as well try it out.

i only managed to do about 20 mins of it since i was scheduled for a pilates class later that morning. in that 20 mins however, our trainer managed to get me drenched with sweat and have my body ache all over! need i mention that 10 mins of that 20 was just warming up!

now, the day after, i feel my lats to be the tightest and most sore. i'm presuming its from all that punching we did. i have to admit, i have never punched anything in my life, being the peace loving schmuck that i am. so having to actually focus all my energy to a fist and strike something was definitely foreign. it was exhilirating tho, especially once you find your pace. i really dont know if i did well on my first semi-session, but one thing is certain, i intend to make it a full session next week!!!! good luck to me! :)


theTripper said...

u seem to be trying everything. that's nice. :)

btw, where is powerup in ortigas? how much?

jamie da vinci! said...

power up ortigas is located at SM silver city just opposite tiendesitas. i think we paid around 240 each for a 3 hour session. they open at 2 pm on weekdays by the way till evening and i think 10am on weekends.

hehehe, i got bitten by the fitness bug. life's too short :)