Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blast from the past

while in the middle of doing my incline bench presses, look who suddenly pops in! my ex-model gym buddy. ex-gym buddy actually since it has been more than a month that he left our humble midst in search for greener pasture in a small country off the cusp of the Malaysian peninsula... yes, people, Singapore.

it was both a pleasure and a surprise to see him actually. my other gym bud keeps missing our workouts so i am most often left to hit the weights alone. though i am quite used to being autistic at gym, it still helps sometimes to have someone to keep u company.... added bonus na if he's also pleasant to look at, which my ex-model, ex-gym buddy is.

after the usual greetings (when did u get back? how have u been? yada, yada, yada), i noticed how much clearer his face has gotten. he had always had nice complexion, but he was extra glowing today. tight pores, nice coppery sheen to his skin and extra full pink lips... man, he looked beautiful. as he ran into the locker room to change, the ones left on the gym floor started to come abuzz, obviously talking about his sudden return. i did tell you guys before that gyms are where men go to gossip, gay or otherwise. "why is he back?", " wonder what happened?", "did u notice how prettier he looks now?", "i think he had a sex change! he looks like a girl!". the latter comment almost made me drop the dumbbells on my face. apparently, i was not the only one who noticed his extra attractiveness.

not being able to work out in the lion city had caused him his figure. though thankfully, he is not really the flabby type, he did loose a lot of the mass he gained while he was here. obviously frustrated with his shrinkage, he made a pact with me to slowly catch up to my routine. we were already lifting heavy back when we were working out together and i have continued with it even after he left. i have kept my mass, though am much leaner now. knowing full well that he is one determined chap when it comes to working out, i willingly obliged. at last i thought, someone to tandem with :)

he joined in with my chest workout today though, he did not lift as heavy since he was still trying to adjust after his month long hiatus. while we worked out, we chatted on his brief stint in singapore, about his experiences and well, basically everything else in between. i didn't bother asking him what prompted his premature return since i basically had an idea what it was already. we kept correspondence while he was away and he had opened up to me how homesick he was, and pretty much, how unhappy he was being away. he however mentioned nothing about this while we were at gym, but instead, kept raving about how much fun he had while being there. a split in personality? one side comes out during private conversations while the more jovial side when out in public?

he kept talking about how he's planning to go back maybe november or next year and find work again. i just smiled at him while he kept on with his soliloqy, trying my best to reserve judgement (which i am often guilty of passing out too quickly) and be as supportive as i possibly can. i advised him to use this time to do further research on what to do in singapore, maybe email his resume now since companies hire at the beginning of the year anyway. he could get interviewed now if a company finds him interesting. i also suggested that he models again. gave him a confidence boost that singaporeans, though health conscious and fit as hell, were never popular for their looks.... well, except for allan wu, of course. but he's from HK... anyway.... i'm not quite sure if my advice sunk into him, but i hope they did.

we finished our workout and got changed. while in the locker room, he did what he usually does in front of the mirror, flexing, trying to survey again which parts of his body he needed to work on. he regretted for loosing his hard worked mass. i stood there and took my shirt off to change. on doing so, i noticed his eyes dart towords me all of a sudden. a smirk grew in my head, though my face remained stoic... hay nako.... sabi na nga ba e. "ganda na ng katawan natin ah!" "hehehehe, dyan ko binuhos lahat ng sama ng loob ko, iniiwan nyo kasi akong lahat". our bantering was broken when another gym patron entered the room. we changed in silence. he waited for me to finish fixing my things and we left the gym together. we talked a bit more as we walked but nothing really that would have any double meaning to them. we eventually parted ways a few minutes later as he got himself into a pedicab while i took my usual stroll back home.

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