Thursday, October 9, 2008


just to let guys know, its 15 mins to 6am and i have not yet gotten a wink of sleep. i haven't packed yet to go to the hospital (long story) and i have a REALLY long meeting in a few hours with a client. the world is spinning as i type and the only reason why i am still upright on my chair is because of the 2 ginormous cups of coffee i downed a few minutes ago, hoping that the sudden jolt of caffeine would be enough to keep me going like a cranked up energizer bunny.

anyway, just came home a few hours ago, actually, LAST NIGHT from watching paul potts at the PICC. despite being a classical singer and a virtual unknown to most people, i was very much surprised to see the plenary hall jam packed with people. its quite wonderful actually to see so many classical music lovers all converging into one place. class is not yet dead, i thought to myself :)

it was also quite good to see that everyone was so well dressed that evening. the concert was practically a fashion show with the audience sashaying in and out in their finest signature threads... there was even this lady who came in in this stunning gown. she was definitely dressed for the occasion. being a habit of mine, i also took extra effort to star-gaze during events like this. unfortunately for me, i dont think our current celebs have reached the state or have atuned their palattes for opera yet since there was no familiar face on site. the only one i actually saw that was at least famous was maurice arcache... and i certainly did not want my star gazing to end with him!!!! thankfully, i spotted radio DJ mojo jojo not too far away. i guess seeing him would have to do :) (hmmm, mother lily a walked by)

paul potts' claim to fame was winning this brit talent show, brain child of the same ppl who gave us american idol. what is i believe the ultimate underdog success story, paul pott's truly showed us that you really cannot judge a book by its cover. i first caught wind of him a few months back on youtube, it's the clip of him auditioning for the show where he also sung my most favorite opera aria, nessum dorma, from puccini's turandot. being very familiar with this piece, i would think that i am very particular with the people who dare to sing it :) pavarotti for me is still the best. pott's rendition however was not far behind. he had the power, he had the emotion, heck, he had the balls to sing it and i was goobsmacked when i watched him bring the audience to tears with his performance. even simon cowell was left speechless.

pott's performance last night was short of amazing. you really have to hand it to the guy, despite not having the same training some opera singers undergo, he definitely had the pipes to pull him through. you could still tell thought that there was still something very amateurish about him. his stage presence wasn't that captivating. his moves were often awkward. his efforts to show emotion during some of the pieces i found were even rather cheesy. then there are those things that you really need time to acquire, like class. but i am not faulting him for any of that, as i said, his rise to fame was probably brought about by these rather normal features u would expect from a suburbian nobody. normal features, coupled with a spectacular voice. pott's made opera less intimidating.

i'm really happy for him and wish him all the success in his future endeavors. i just wished i could have enjoyed it more. all that time during the concert, i was still thinking of work.... UGH!

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