Saturday, October 18, 2008

to forgive is human, but to eat is divine!

hi, my name is jamiedavinci, and i'm an emotional eater and a foodaholic!

found myself stuffing my face with this monstrosity of a dessert, dunkin donut's super sized choco wacko. came from rockwell mall today rather upset and just seething inside actually. i know, i know, i shouldn't get so emotional anymore since i AM trying to be more in control of my feelings, but what happened to be, i felt, was just a low blow! and condsidering all things i have put myself under already, i feel i really didn't deserve this.

of course, i could be all irrational right now so, out of SELF CONTROL, i will no longer elaborate, rather, id bury my face into another one of these sinfully deadly pastries! ah, chocolate... ur my only friend....

kuya and i met up at rockwell for lunch after we had our workout morning. i was having my muaythai and pilates while he was having his pilates and badminton (my, have we become active, noh?) anyways, rockwell tent is currently holding "the pink kitchen", a food fair involving about 50 or so food establishments and celebrity chefs for the benefit of breast cancer research. for the small price of P200, u can go in and partake in this food lovers orgy, all for a good cause.

other than the food, kuya wanted to also scratch his shutterbug itch and toy around more with his new cam. i on the other hand was just curious (and hungry) and went there for the plain and simple reason of being satieted. the place was packed since the ad campaign for the effent was pretty aggressive. being held at rockwell, i found the place to be rather packed with the metro's who's who, sadly tho... no celebrity sighting today (chef pengson and maritoni fernandez were there tho, but i'm still deliberating if they're considered celebrity.)

the food we evenually got as from this stall called "kitchen O". we got kapampangan paella, adobo rice, tapa (for me, hehehe) and binagoongang lechon kawali. the food was ok, not really spectacular but ok. i found the tapa a bit tough and the other viands, well, unremarkable. to be honest, i actually had a better experience downing the coke zero i was having. it was sooooo cold and the place was soooo hot.

pink kitchen runs until tomorrow. go and see if u find something ul like. i already have mine.... now where's that f***ing donut!!!

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