Monday, October 20, 2008


due to the remarks i have received from my previous post, ok, ok, i will revert back to posting in english. i don't want my friends to start dropping dead in front of me due to blood loss (ei, melloida) or severe vertigo (say mo, ann) just because they struggled to read my entry.

in fairness though, i miss writing in tagalog. there are just some stories better told in the native tongue. it somehow makes it sound more earthy and robust :) brace ursleves though if one day, il actually write in pinyin!!! hahahaha

found myself laughing my head off over dinner last night, courtesy of a bottle of pink rose wine. kuya and i had an unusually late dinner (we finished near 11) at felix after he finished off some stuff at work. he decided to order some wine to help calm him down a bit, since he was feeling a bit high strung. since the resto was empty except for the two of us, and i wasnt driving, i decided, what the hey, i wouldnt mind having some too.

the wine was light and smooth. quite pleasant actually. it didnt have that bold flavor i usually taste with other wines but it felt more like a floating goodness lingering in ur mouth with each sip. having it chilled made it taste even more delightful. since it was light, i didn't react to it as quickly so i still was able to have a full glass before i started to turn red. and u know when i turn red... all inhibitions start to get fuzzy as well.

i warned kuya that i was a happy drunk, that i might get a tad bit loud and well, happy-er :) he said he wouldn't mind, tonight was a night to unwind anyway.

this entry was supposed to be a long awaited food review of felix, currently my favorite resto. i have been gearing up to write something about it but decided after going through my past few posts and having a chat with mr. trip that i think i have to ease up on the food posts a bit. u guys might think of me of being a glutton na by now! :) so, i will leave my review of felix for another day. instead.. allow me to share some cherished memories that felix had a hand in creating for me.

tipsy (me) after my glass, my actions eventually started to get a bit more exaggerated. my voice got a bit louder, my laugh, harder, my demeanor, friendlier. it was at that moment when kuya and i started talking about family and our relatives. we exchanged stories of our travels and the things we saw and what else we would like to see. he talked about work and his colleuges, while i also shared on my projects and my clients. despite how the alcohol might have screwed up some of these recollections, i can still however say that what i felt that night was a genuine connection between two blood brothers. it made me realize and thankful my folks decided on having another one rather than stopping with him.... hehehe, the alcohol is obviosuly still talking.

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