Saturday, October 11, 2008

muay thai

i am sooooo happy the week is FINALLY over, as in. my joy cannot be contained! i sincerely don't think i have ever been any busier than how i was these past few days. after having just ticked off the last item in my agenda, the feeling was almost orgasmic!

in celebration of this magnanimous feat of endurance, i decided to test myself on just that, my endurance. after almost two nights of no sleep, barely any food intake and loads of stress, i decided to continue with my saturday morning "SABAK" which composed of my 7am muaythai class and my 8am pilates session. am i insane, you may ask? am i testing fate and the powers that be? honestly, i dont know.... sleep deprivation can definitely mess up with logical thinking is all i can say. it makes you incredibly horny too. but that a whole new entry for a WHOLE new blog :)

anyway... muaythai this morning was fun. ran a bit late for class since i was still finishing up with work as well as congratulating a friend for passing his exams at 6am! (kiong hi mark!!! burger, burger!!!). i managed to get myself to makati in record weekend driving time, 20mins. today's class was all about the kick. despite having thighs as huge as that of a COW, my lack of coordination as well as my limited flexibility is a major liability into doing the moves well. however, what i lacked in finess, i made up in strength. might as well put my thighs to good use, i thought. my shin is ok, it got a bit red a while ago so i thought that i would bruise. i'm pasty white, bordering on luminescent so any mark on me stands out like a negro in a KKK meeting. thankfully so, i dont think i have any marks to remind me of today. i'm still working on my hip. the round kicks have always been tricky for me so i am often more guarded and tight in doing that. kru ed had to get me all tensed up actually for me to give him all that i have got. i think in the end, he was pleased with my efforts.

i'm starting to get the hang of the punches, considering i have never punched anything in my life. i actually practiced a bit at home from watching clips online (being the utter O.C. perfectionist that i am), only to learn that what ever moves i practiced were not the moves we were doing. i had the combination the other way around.... idiot me. :) o well, at least i tried :) did the hook punch and the upper cut today and am starting to learn how to block.

needless to say, i was dripping wet to my undies after the hour. i wasnt tired though but was running on a superb endorphine high! so much so i was SOOOOO prepeared to get punished in pilates. BAX (my trainer).... BRING IT ON!!!!! :)

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