Thursday, July 31, 2008


not wanting to end my posts on a low note, lemme post this. not really a fan of hip hop but this one really got me tapping my feet.

was browsing for youtube vids to distract me by when i chanced upon this one. at first i though this was another timbaland collaboration since it does have that familiar beat. you could only imagine my disbelief when i found out that this is completely ASIAN! korean to be exact. galing!!!! i love it! funny, if you listen carefully, you could catch a few instances wherein the boys have some difficulty enunciating some of the english words. o well, galing pa rin! :)

sigh... mga kampon kong mga chinks!!!! wassup!!!??? when are we coming up with stuff like this, yo? :) enjoy nalang muna. so beautiful by korean boy band big bang.

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