Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the dream

the entire family was there.... my entire clan, i knew that they were, i sensed them everywhere. i felt my friends to be there as well. i was discussing a job to my architect, then he suddenly vanished and i found myself lying in bed, at the far side of a great room. i was not sleeping nor was i sleepy but i felt that i had fear, a great fear for my life. i could hear loud sounds, terrible sounds, scary sounds. i found myself hiding under a gilt board, trying to conceal myself from an eminent threat that i still did not understand. then she came in.

my aunt walked in, in her usual composure, sweet in every way. i saw her from behind the board yet still did not move. my paranoia said not to trust anyone. she took the board off of me. i feigned sleeping. she then took a pillow and started smothered me with it. instinctively, i took in air and put on a show to pretend i was suffocating. i struggled and i tried to breath. i went limp soon after, careful not to make my chest move as i slowly consumed my store. i died. she removed the pillow from my face and proceeded to talk to an unknown person in the room. i heard that she was heart broken, that this was the ultimate betrayal, why did we all have to die? i tried to feel for my family, i could only sense 1 cousin, my brother, the aunt who tried to kill me, and my mom, who was not in the room but i knew was alive. my aunt approached me again, propped me up and jabbed her finger into my back causing me to flinch. FUCK! i blew my cover. but she did not try to kill me again.

everything went blurry after that. i heard people screaming. i heard my brother saying my mom will make you all pay! i heard my cousin asking his mom, why? why did she kill? i heard my aunt say that she was just following orders, that we were all a threat and had to be disposed off, that we were betrayed. my mom barged into the room and the adults had a discussion. i overheard that below the room, in the living room, there were bodies everywhere, shot, dead. i presumed they were all family as well. i coolly turned to my cousin who was standing there... ur two sisters are dead. ur the only one left. i remember feeling calloused and indifferent. then i awoke.

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