Friday, July 25, 2008

jaw dropping hilarious!!!

i received this forwarded email from a good friend somewhere in the desert. i have no idea who this person is but one thing i have to say... SHE IS JUST TOO FUNNY!!!!!

either the subject is just playing with those poses or she has been severely misinformed by reading far too many fashion magazines (far worse, she really looks like that even OFF CAM)! me thinks it's the "severely misinformed" bit since some of the other subjects of the pictures below seem to have caught on with her rather peculiar display (see pics 3, 6 and 10!), then again, i would think that since they compiled the pics below, they definitely wanted to drive a point across. anyway, if by some unforeseen chance this post of this innocent by-stander finds its way back to the subjects of the photos below, please know that all of you have definitely brightened my day, enough for a month or even more, i reckon. also, do know that i am not laughing at you but WITH you.... photog's here, quick!!! everyone say "queso de BOLAH!!!!" bwahahaha, GOD, what did you guys take in that party!!!!????


theTripper said...

its an indication that the air there is 100% clean. can u do that here? especially at EDSA? hahaha

jamie da vinci! said...

good lord almighty! god only knows how we would look! hahaha, then again, we ain't that bad. :)