Tuesday, July 29, 2008


still riding on the batman wave, i stumbled on this video by accident (well duh, i doubt i'm dumb enough to stumble in purpose... but then again, never say never). despite heath's stellar performance in DARK KNIGHT, people have unfortunately neglected the equally great portrayal of christian bale as the caped crusader. it need not be mentioned that of all the actors who played the batman, bale is probably the best. i remember me and my brother having this in-depth discussion on the topic while over our scrumptious thai dinner. between keaton, kilmer, clooney and bale, bale by FAR epitomized how the batman should be: sexy; smart; athletic; mysterious; conflicted; complex; terrifying; and well, sexy :) anyway... enjoy the clip and ponder also on the unpopular sentiments about the movie...

also, the author of the clip, i discovered, had a compilation of parodies wherein he sings to movie themes. here is a sample where he sings to the theme of the batman movie. check out his site for more hilarious takes.

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