Sunday, July 13, 2008

man, i wish i had his job

courtesy of anton, margit's hubby, i was introduced to matt harding, ex-geeky video game designer who now, thanks to a wild idea, a persevering spirit, luck, and a very generous sponsor, travels around the known world to dance like an idiot. only difference between him and all the other dancing idiot hopefuls out there is if he dances, he gets world WIDE recognition instead of the standard "we're gonna haul you off to the looney bin now, because, well, you're dancing like an idiot and that's what we normally do to people like you".

in fairness to the guy, i almost cried after watching the video... i really did. i'm such a softy.

here's the first one he did that made him famous.

here's the second one that almost made me cry.... enjoy.

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