Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my week in a nutshell

my week in a nutshell, not that it really is of any particular interest to anyone...

1. my project is under construction in legaspi village. we were able to turn over for my client's use, one room for the meantime while the rest is still in the works. i am excited, anxious, nervous and elated all at the same time. so much so that i find myself visiting the site almost everyday even if gas prices are gonna soon drive me to bankruptcy.

2. i recently noticed a pattern to my mornings, not that surprised since i am a creature of habit. it goes something like this. wake up... take my morning meds... turn on the PC.... turn on YM.... check emails... check multiply, check facebook, check friendster (in that order)... then check my usual blog haunts for their updates. by the time i finish, 30 mins have elapsed and i can now take in food (my meds require me to take them 30 mins prior to any meal).

3. a friend confided in me a story of heartache. met someone online, fell for the schmuck but the other person did not reciprocate. he is now semi-depressed. i guess getting brushed off as insignificant is never a good feeling, most especially if you invested prematurely in the person.

4. befriended my client's VERY expensive $12,000 USD toy. she got for her company a body analyzer that measures the amount of muscle, fat, water, and mineral content of your body, per body part and tells you if your body is in its ideal state based on your height and weight. VERY HI-TECH!! so far, i need to loose 1.3 kg more of fat and gain 1.3 kg more of muscle. i am quite close to my ideal body weight though and am in excellent physical condition. YEHEY FOR ME!!!

5. i have been eating like a pig for the past 3 days straight. 3 dinner engagements 3 nights in a row. i doubt after all of that gluttony, i would still be in peak form.

6. my favorite jean store is now open in manila. SALSA is a Portuguese brand that recently opened in the midtown wing of robinson's manila. i got my first pair while i was in dubai and i have to say, i LOVE IT! i love it so much, i don't want to wear it too often cause i don't want to ruin the wash.

7. the dimensione store in bonifacio hi street is now open. though only the ground floor is operational, i have a feeling the place is gonna kick ass when the whole building is finished. i LOVE IT!!!! if i had a place to decorate using their stuff... its like gonna look like the showroom!!! that's how much i love their stuff!!!

8. mamma mia was so-so. dark knight has yet to be seen.

9. i just saw someone who is a dead ringer for takeshi kaneshiro. i think he's the BF of a distant relative of mine. crap.... what a beautiful boy. i think he noticed that i kept looking at him. well.. he kept looking at me as well so THERE!!!!

10. gas prices, though is killing me softly, has made travel time for me from manila to makati, go down from my usual 1 hour trip to 45 mins. sadly, the price hike had no effect on the IQ levels of pedestrians as well as pedicab drivers. it too had no effect on my urge to rid the world of them, once and for all for the good of everyone.

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