Monday, July 28, 2008

the dark nut, este, night, ESTE, knight! (part 2)

nothing rather noteworthy happened on sunday expect me FINALLY getting to see batman: the dark knight. kuya has been raving about it, and basically every single soul i bump into who have seen the movie. not watching it was simply not an option.

i have to say, the movie is indeed impressive in so many levels. first thing's first. heath's take on the character of the joker was very well executed, leading us see the joker's character in a whole new level. he was darker, more malevolent, more INSANE, sans the usual clown get-up. i wouldn't totally agree with my brother saying that he was better than jack nicholson but his performance is definitely noteworthy. you can't really compare the two in my opinion since it's like 2 different jokers. heath's joker was a more realistic joker, how one would be if he really existed, if something so insanely evil was walking in our midst. tim burton's joker was a fantastic one, an homage to the comic book character, a reinvention of the joker back to the time of adam west but not veering too far from it, thereby, nicholson's portrayal was spectacular as well.

i liked how the film was made and how the story went. the plot was very well written, the lines we not cheesy and the acting, well, very very good. what especially helped, and i hope i was not the only one to notice was the score, the orchestral accompaniment. it was not too showy and yet present throughout the entire movie. it carried the mood and kept the excitement up. honestly, i feel chill when i remember it in my head, like an intoxicating buzz.

over all, i cannot have enough praises for the movie and i sure hope that they still have plans of continuing with other movies of the same caliber. sad that this is the movie where heath passed shortly after. immortalized in film and in memories of his genius performance, his shoes will be a monstrous task to fill.

dinner at people's palace to satiate my brother's craving for thai food after the movie.

cute caucasian fellow caught my eye, most especially since he kept glancing at our table. i hope it was not because we were two people eating enough food for 4! hehehehe.

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