Friday, July 18, 2008

my rant for the day....

this is going to be dark!!!! but i just have to get it off my chest!!!

caught myself speeding today (how it was possible in TONDO, only God knows) because i was trying my best to get to chinatown before the clock strikes 3, fridays being coding day for me. since the geniuses that rule my side of the city never bothered to consider urban planning and traffic flow as important things to consider, it often takes me a good 15 mins of meandering the small streets and tutuban before i find myself in any major road. add to that all the laid back people who take their leisurely time walking and the pedicabs who think they can out run an SUV in full throttle, then my time goes up to 20 mins.

trust the pedestrians and these modern day rickshaw drivers to make an already stressful situation even more unbearable. times like these i really wished i drove a hummer with a scooper for a bumper. these people.. i swear, LORD grant me UNLIMITED PATIENCE!!!! never mind if ur honking at them. never mind that you are warning them of a painful and severely unpleasant, mangling death. never mind if you are inches away from breaking every single bone in their bodies and permanently infusing them into the cheaply laid asphalt below!!! never mind all of that, coz goodness me, their slow, indecisive, irresponsible, inconsiderate cadence to no where in particular is SO much more important than their lives!!!

by the time i got to the end of the tutuban roundabout, it was 2:50 already and i didn't want to risk getting myself pulled over by a hungry, over weight cop. after cussing my head off in the privacy of my car, i drove my sorry ass back home. wasted my time, wasted my gas, wasted my day. i was supposed to have left earlier to meet my supplier to return some items, but upon his advice, he told me to better meet him after lunch, around 2. i got home, called my guy up and apologized and asked if i could reschedule for tomorrow. he said no problem. i told him i'll pass by first thing in the morning. a sudden hesitation in his voice. he said the reason he moved our meeting to 2pm was because it was bad luck to transact returns in the morning. surprised at his reason, i told him i'm buying stuff to offset the bad karma and i'll see him tomorrow. i hung up the phone. i slowly sat on my chair. i took a deep breath. my mom walks by and sees me. she wonders what's bothering me but decides not to ask since from the look of my face, i was the poster boy for pure lividity.

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