Monday, July 28, 2008

the dark nut, este, night, ESTE, knight! (part 1)

a little bit of contrived comedy to start off my post and the week.

mom is stranded in caticlan on route from boracay. they were supposed to fly out last night but due to bad weather and looming nightmares of MV princess of the stars, no one was willing to risk it even if the storm was not as strong as Frank. got a call from her that cebu pacific booked them in this inn near the airport that had no a/c in the rooms. mom can be a cowgirl naman so i'm sure she's long suffering and can take the minor inconveniences of being NOT IN THE CITY. i sure hope the other people in her troupe are as gung-ho. well, we shall soon find out. it's still raining and mom has fears of flying especially domestic, with their rickety planes and bad food (if any). i'm expecting to hear earfuls when they arrive later sometime before lunch.

i had probably a truly eventful weekend if i may say so myself. saturday started with a call from my glorious lola asking if i could spare time to see her. apparently, she was washing her hand and as she was flicking them dry, she flicked too hard that one of her fingers dislocated! she assured me that she was fine besides a bit of pain and swelling. the finger reduced itself but she's complaining that moving it hurts and would like me to give my expert opinion on the matter. drive like the wind naman lola mo (referring to me). my grandma kasi has a penchant of downplaying the severity of situations. blame it on my family's habit of not wanting to inconvenience anyone of our problems. though i was pretty sure that her incident was not that serious, for both of our peace of minds, it was best for me to check. thankfully so, it was nothing a bit of icing and athletic taping can't handle. she now has a temporarily splinted "fuck you" finger, hehehe, well, i always knew my grandma was a toughy!

next in my saturday agenda was site visit. met up with des, my fabric wall contractor for lunch. they were installing my fabric wall today and i wanted to be there to see it go up, just in case. good thing i was since there were issues that needed my immediate action on (we ran out of fabric for one) as well as minor changes that we addressed on site. at the end of the day, my fabric wall looks FAB and i can't wait for my lamps to go up to complete the look!!! great work des!!!! bravo!

sweaty, dusty, sticky and haggard from site, i had to do a quick makeover for dinner with my client. she's a great cook and richie and i have been hearing tales of her excellent thai cooking (my client is not thai, she's SWISS), so much so that we could not help ourselves but ask if she could find it in her heart to have us sample some. needless to say, she was more than happy to oblige. dinner was set saturday at 7pm at her place in the fort. i changed my shirt, waxed up my hair and made sure i had potent perfume! was supposed to wash up at the toilet on site but the building locks up the washrooms after 5 to conserve water... hence, PAGPAG had to do.

the dinner was AMAZING!!!!! we had thai beef salad, tom yum, green chicken curry, pineapple fried rice (IN THE PINEAPPLE!!), and steamed garoupa. they were quite amazed as to how much i was eating since i was already on my THIRD helping when i started to slow down. my gluttony EXPOSED, how embarrassing. but how could have i resisted? i have been starving the entire day and have been sniffing rugby for 7 hours due to my workers fixing my fabric wall. of course the food being absolutely delicious was of no help. we capped the dinner off with some wine. though i knew i had absolutely no tolerance for alcohol, i thought that it wouldn't hurt to have a bit. i was extremely full anyway so i was sure absorption would be kept at bay. i was so wrong.

in no less time of my having my first glass did the room start to spin. i felt flushed and my feet feet swollen. everyone was looking at me since i looked like a ripe tomato apparently. i felt red and i was. i was poured a second glass but was only able to drink half. why i didn't stop at glass no. 1, well, my decision making skills was impaired obviously. i can't really say if i was behaving unusually. all i can do was focus all my energies to keeping myself from tipping over when i stood up. we called it a night at midnight. we thanked our host and bid her goodbye. walking was a bit difficult and i thank goodness that i was so red that ppl hardly noticed (obviously distracted with the site of me being so red!). the weather was horrible outside, the storm was in full swing and it was raining cats and dogs and practically every other domestic animal. now, driving in the rain with little visibility was bad enough, try doing it TIPSY!!! i must have looked like a schizophrenic while driving since i was chanting out loud every single driving rule i could think off to prevent me from dying (eg. stay on your lane, maintain your speed, brake slowly, yada, yada) and praying at the same time (lord... keep the idiota pedestrians in tonight!!!!). i got home in one piece thankfully. i promised myself, i will never drink again. i also have my allergic wheals to remind me of that promise.

saturday down, sunday to go! major updates na to!!!

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