Thursday, July 24, 2008

durian pie

i am starting to get really uncreative with giving titles to my posts. either i just find myself writing during the most uncreative hours in the day or i'm just getting lazy to think. then again, i really shouldn't be so bothered since i do remember having an entire series wherein my titles were simple "dubai diaries" followed by the date. online journaling nga! anyways, not wanting to shoot away from the main thrust of the post... i would like to talk about my lastest indulgence, vikki's durian pie.

before vikki jane martin ranada (i have this thing of referring to people by their full names, she hates it tho since it makes her feel like she's in trouble. i know the feeling, all i can say is that she thank her lucky stars she doesn't have a chinese name!) left for davao, i asked her, not really seriously, if she could bring me home some durian. she has always told me stories of how great davao's durian tastes so i thought it would be nice to share in some of that experience. of course, as i said, i wasn't that serious since i know how difficult it is to transport durian, more so, how it is close to impossible to bring it on a flight. for all of you MARTIANS out there, durian is a large tropical fruit notorious for its rather pungent smell, often likened to the stench of 5 week old smelly socks. the husk is covered with very tough, sharp thorns, definitely not something u would want to drop on your head when you're having an isaac newton moment. due to its repulsive smell, people of "ehem" weaker constitutions stay clear of it while more adventurous gourmands like myself are drawn to the stink like flies to garbage... not that it smells like garbage... nor that i look like a fly. please lang noh!

only a few people in my family have been brave enough to actually like consuming this misunderstood fruit. there's my fanatic aunt who would smuggle durian in her louis vuitton bag if needed just so she can have her helpings (my uncle is not a fan, obviously, hence her resorting to smuggling). there's my grandma who would have extra late night snacks, her only way of enjoying the fruit without driving everyone away. then there's my cousin who, though i can't really say CRAVES for it, but since he likes to eat, found durian to be no exception. my mom, who grew to like durian since we once lived in the same house as my grandma and my smuggling aunt. and finally, there is me, the youngest in the brood of durian fans.

anyway... vikki was kind enough to remember my request, though her often unusual practical sense kicked in again. this time, it was in the form of a pie... in fairness, durian pie naman siya. it was an impulse buy from the airport, something that she picked up in conjunction with her durian hopias. the hopias were not that good apparently so she's asking me for my feedback on the pie. well.... really don't know what to expect with durian pie since i have never had one before. but if i were to say anything about it, it would simply be ORGASMIC!!

i have warned people at home that in case they open the fridge and it smells like a rotting corpse inside that they have nothing to fear coz it's just a pie. had my brother give it a taste since i was raving about it like a druggie who cheated on his rehab. he gave up after taking one bite. o well ahya, more for me! yehey!!!

thanks vik for the sweet, delicious gesture. though i can again imagine how this is going to wreck havoc on my diet. my cousin aptly put my woes in words... "a second in the lips, a lifetime in the hips".

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