Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bon voyage

my mind is a complete mess right now. it is partly due to lack of sleep, partly from my body still metabolizing the alcohol i drank last saturday, and partly due to my psyche working overtime to repress my current state of sadness and separation anxiety... which i am blaming for my recent insomnia attack.

vikki left for turkey to be in the company of her BF today. spent the afternoon with her yesterday with friends but decided to cut it short when she invited me to have dinner with her family. i thought that it was better that she be with her family last, without distractions.

life is quiet again. it is quite unsettling i think, for despite the occasional chaos that vikki contributes in my life, those moments were some of the most memorable. i miss them and i am already missing her. i am missing her high pitched voice. missing her out of this world views of how the world works (or how it should). most of all, i am missing her company and the closeness of only one who knows you very well can offer. she will be back on december with the oz and i can only wait till then. i wish her all the happiness in this chapter of her life. may all the joy i am channeling towards her dispel all sense of sadness that may come her way from being so far away from home and family.

take care vikki, i am only an email, YM, or skype away.

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