Saturday, July 5, 2008

having a fabulous day!

took the jeep from divisoria to buendia, then a taxi from buendia to makati. got off the designated meeting point and waited for her to call. in a few minutes time, i heard the familiar shriek... vikki's back.

definitely a sight for sore eyes! 7 months i waited. 7 long months. now she's back and i am simply thrilled!!!! the day's agenda started with lunch first. we decided to just jeep it. we walk out to the street, vikki sticks out her hand, hails a jeep. we get on. jeep goes in the opposite direction... we were on the wrong jeep. yes... vikki and her spontaneous acts of pure GENIUS!!!! why am i not surprised.

got off again at buendia and walked under the noon time heat to ayala. all the eateries were full except for coffee bean. in we go. a few minutes later, melissa calls. turns out, she spotted us walking :) guess no more surprise, huh? viks and i ended up going to power plant. walked around and got her sister's gift from hobbes. had lunch at this place called blue ginger.

went back to her flat to rest at around 4.

caught up on old times and talked and talked.

realized it was already 7pm. we better get moving. my brother was treating her out to dinner.

we went to pick up her sister. went to greenbelt and got picked up by my brother.

we went to dusit thani and was supposed to eat at benjarong but the place was full since pacquiao was there. had dinner at tosca instead. OMG... italian food never tasted soooo good!

dropped off vikki at her flat soon after dinner. drove off wishing sana the day could have been longer. haaaay.

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