Friday, July 11, 2008

the past week...

i just find it quite ironic that on the occasions wherein i have nothing to do, i get to write loads of stuff, but on the extremely RARE moments when i am swamped with work, i barely cough out a single word!!! strange...

the past week has been VERY busy for me. for starters (and this is in no particular order of significance, ok), vikki is back in town (yey!). not wanting to spare myself a single moment of not being with her while she's in town, we have been practically glued together since the morning she arrived. experience has taught me that with this woman, better make time now than later coz LORD ONLY KNOWS where she'll be by then, i mean, later.

i have also seen my project go on full throttle this week and my client and i (well, mostly I) have been on a spending spree getting things for the studio. in a matter of just a few minutes, she made a lot of companies VERY HAPPY with her purchases... very happy indeed. i'm just hoping and praying that that happiness continues till the end. despite the lightning pace we're working at, i cannot help but feel this lump in my throat that won't seem to go away.

been going out to have meals in restos i have never been before, courtesy of my brother and having vikki around. first stop was blue ginger (i think) in power plant for lunch with vikki. asian fusion cuisine that fell flat on its face as far as presentation is concerned i'm afraid. taste was good but then again, what more can you really expect when having lentils? service was ok though there were moments wherein i could not help but think if the staff really knew what they were doing. i'm giving them a chance to redeem themselves since i was also sick while we were there so i could have just been extra bitchy and hard to please. though how i will convince myself to dine there again is up to the gods for now.

we had dinner at TOSCA at the dusit thani with kuya and vikki that same day. we were supposed to go to benjarong that night but since paquiao was there, the place was fully booked (i think i wrote about this already, o well). very good italian food i have to say, and quite healthy servings as well. a bit pricey but well worth it if u want to dine to impress, especially if u wanna POP the question to ur significant other. a bit cliche but hey, might as well take advantage of the only thing that's free there, the ambiance. look for our server (what a HOOT!), i'm sure she'll only be too glad to help you conspire!!!! :)

2 days later, with kuya's undeterred spirit, we finally got in at benjarong, now sans vikki but with mother dearest instead. on the opposite table was bianca araneta-whatshername, joey mead and her cute man and some other people i never bothered to know. why i needed to point this out, la lang, just for me to remember. kuya went gaga over ordering food. i was too sick to fully appreciate the rich flavors but by the looks of how kuya was practically inhaling the pad thai, i'm presuming it's really good stuff. of all that we ordered, i liked my lemon grass tea the best :) definitely helped making me feel better. price was ok too, not as expensive as tosca but kinda felt bitin with the servings... not that i eat that much.

M cafe... what can i say? had dinner with richie, ian and vikki the other night. what was supposed to be a gathering of the gang that became an intimate dinner for 4. remind me NEVER to organize a dinner again... sayang lang sa TEXT!!!!!! anyway. we originally were gunning for italiannis since vikki and i felt that it was best in handling large groups plus the fact that we were both broke. since our number dwindled down to 4, richie suggested to try somewhere else (he's back to being a full carnivore since finishing his protein less diet for his "cleansing procedure") and M cafe was the suggestion. we just came from the museum and having dinner at a cafe felt soooo appropriate :) so-so portions, so-so taste, and so-so interiors later, we get served a bill that could have at least fed 10 people (and fed them WELL) if we ate at KFC, which i did after we had dinner. funny... vikki made a comment later to me saying " no wonder rich people here are so skinny, food is so expensive!!!". very well said.

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