Saturday, August 2, 2008

does this mean, i'll be a godmother?

sorry for the rather campy title. don't worry, life has not turned me THAT gay yet.

i received an urgent sounding email from a dear friend from HK yesterday, entitled "heard the news". of course, it doesn't sound as exciting as "HAVE U HEARD!!!???", but considering this friend of mine rarely writes about potentially ear bleeding gossip or the like, "heard the news" was as energy packed of a title as you can go!

i opened the email and found out that another good european friend of mine finally proposed to his long time GF. not really gossip that i was expecting and at that time, i REALLY needed some scandalous stuff to jump start my day. anyway, after i was able to pry my dislocated jaw off my shi-tzu's mouth and recollect my teeth that got scattered all over our terrazzo floor, i re-read the mail again. slowly this time. they're really getting married, i said out loud.

the email was not yet clear as my HK friend ended it with "will confirm and get details..." yada, yada, yada. but for me, well, what other detail do i have to wait for? it's pretty clear.

the shock has not fully sink in yet. honestly, i don't really want to think about it since doing so just gets me emotional. i really should be happy, after all, i am close to both people and them getting hitch is definitely the next step, but i don't know why i am not... well, not yet that is. only thing i could reply to the email with was.... "does this mean, i'll be a godmother?"

congrats to the newly engaged couple. my well wishes to both of you on the great day!!!! blame it on the rain and days of insomnia for my lack of enthusiasm on the greeting. i'll do better when i see you both in person when you visit! song and dance pa kamo!!!!!!!

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