Monday, August 18, 2008

stress free sunday, NOT.

lazy sunday.

passed by site today even if i told myself i was going to stay away.

asked mom to go to makati with me after church.

wanted to watch a movie but mom doesn't like going into cinemas so had to do last minute changes. ended up hunting for mom's perfect (cheap) blood red bag and my elusive fashion article for the year! (both items, we never found)

decided to have a good dinner instead. was supposed to head out to felix but had a change of heart at the last minute. ended up at tony roma's instead.

should have went to felix. had a bad experience with the service at tony roma's. so bad i could not help but want to get myself out of there as fast as i can. mom tried to pacify me but to no avail. i have been pissed beyond the point of no return.

tried to get a shopping high but shopping fairy, i think, was on vacation. nothing even compelled me to consider spending.

saw a popular chinese wedding singer at landmark. saw ito kish and some cute boy he was making "akbay". saw ben chan and miguel pastor as well a few minutes later. hmm, other fairies were out today then :)

was at zara and notice a commotion in the women's section. turned out regine tolentino (i think) was shopping and had her entire possy with her. shoppers were making "chismoso", i cudnt be bothered.

took a photo of my get up for the day while in the dressing room of springfield. kurta looking top from giordano concepts, linen shorts from same store, my man-purse, and my white chucks. la lang.

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trek... said...

you look so bored and somewhat irritated...