Friday, August 15, 2008

wandering with mom

people often call me a mama's boy since i guess i bring her up in conversations more than once. to be honest, i really don't mind being one, if that really is what i am. i don't see any reason why i should feel embarrassed for having a relationship with my mom. throughout the highs and lows in my life, she has been one of the faithful constants (besides God, that is) by my side. i don't know where i would be or what i would have turned out if it weren't for her.

out of gratitude for all that she has done for me, i try my best to be available whenever she needs me, as she has always been when i needed her. today was one of those days.

mom was scheduled to have a procedure done at the hospital. nothing serious really, it was more routine than diagnostic. despite this, mom wanted me to accompany her. mom can be brave at times but she has never felt comfortable in hospitals, like how she is with planes. besides being her instantaneous medical consultant ("e! jamieson ah, sa mi si atherosclerotic aorta ah?"), i am also her bodyguard/ yaya. i guess since hospitals don't really intimidate me, she draws strength on my apparent comfort in these environs.

after her procedure, we headed out to have brunch. she's been rather cranky since her procedure required her to fast for 2 days. even before the procedure started, she was already planning where to break her fast. i knew mom didn't like chinese food (surprising since, well, we ARE chinese) so just to suit her taste buds, i suggested to go to mcdo instead, a suggestion she obviously found favorable. a (disgustingly artery clogging) quarter pounder with cheese later, we were done. mom asked me if i had anything planned for the day, i told her i freed up my sked since i didn't know how long her procedure was going to take. she then said that she's going to consider today as our date. by date, she actually meant that i accompany her to do errands.

after brunch, we headed to buy food for, well lunch. there was this nice noodle shop near the hospital that sold hand pulled noodles. it's quite famous and i have brought home some before. mom has never been there and i knew she would find it amusing to see how the noodles are made. true enough, she was mesmerized by the skill of the cook as he, almost like magic, turned a lump of dough into stings of even stranded noodles in no less than seven (i counted) moves. we took home their specialty beef noodles while mom had the seafood variety. having food out of the way, we headed off to the bank. can't really talk about that since i'd be basically telling the world how broke i am. well, needless to say, i was just there to sign a couple of documents just to comfort myself that i am still afloat, even if barely.

three tasks down and not even noon. we were doing good time i have to say. mom thought so too. being the efficient monster that she is, she thought of having a haircut as well. her parlor was in the neighborhood and her "suking" beautician is on duty today. so off we went to her hair salon. i used to have my haircut there before when we lived in the area. it has changed a lot since i last remember it, unfortunately, the change was for the worse. the place had cheesy interiors that looks like the color scheme was buko pandan. it was warm since i dont think the a/c was even turned on, and the place didn't have water. could u imagine that, NO WATER. my moms stylist was this young guy that looked more like a student than a stylist. in my opinion, he didn't really do a good job at cutting my mom's hair, but for 80 bucks, u really can't complain. well, actually, u can. ako pa!

sensing that i was tired (haven't had good sleep for the past few days and still wake up early for work), mom decided to call it a day. she blamed it on my dad probably waiting for us to bring home food and suggested we hurry home. i was too tired to respond and just followed her lead.

overall, i enjoyed my day off with mom, even if it wasn't as long as i wanted it to last. i hope to have more time like this with her, especially now that we are all getting older and moments shared like this happen less and less.

throughout the entire morning that i spent with her today, i cherish a detail that has always been special to me, that is when my mom would hold onto my arm when we walk. she does it unconsciously, holding on to me for added balance or even just so that we walk at the same pace. a small gesture, but special nonetheless. it tells me that i now offer her the security she needs, just like how i used to feel secure when i cling to her when i was little.

pic i took of myself while waiting for my mom's procedure to finish. la lang. i liked the ensemble. pink V-necked long sleeve, a gift care of kay from japan, my houndstooth belt (can't see in this shot), my cargo shorts and my chucks.


trek... said...
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trek... said...

photo-op in a busy hospital waiting for mom to finish with her routine, sounds like a great idea!

jamie da vinci! said...

i was bored and needed to entertain myself. hospital are soooo uneventful :)

jamie da vinci! said...

i was bored and needed to entertain myself. hospital are soooo uneventful :)