Monday, August 4, 2008

ibang klase araw!

panic attacks, weird vendors, free meals and resto wifi, those would be the words i would use if someone asked me to describe my day.

today was supposed to be just of of those ordinary days wherein i force myself to wake, drive to site, take a look see and probably chat up with my client (if she's there), pretty ordinary. but alas, today did not turn out to be as ordinary as i hoped.

my "day" actually started yesterday come to think of it. while on site last saturday, richie and i came across this huge painting that i thought would look nice at my soon to finish site. a guy (whom i originally found attactive) was transporting it from atop of his vehicle into a gallery that was located on the 3rd floor of our building. after showing interest and hinting of a possible transaction with the guy, we traded numbers and parted ways. late sunday evening while i was in the middle of contemplating where to have dinner at trinoma (was taking my aunt to dinner), said guy called to relay some "very" good news. apparently, said painting (by notable artist ivan acuna, no less) was being sold by its former owner for a bargain. he was asking if i was interested. cutting the long story short, i met up with the guy early this morning and gave him a down payment and got the ginormous painting. here now comes the really unsettling part... though i would pride myself as a good bargain hunter and more so, a good bargainer, i however feel like i was had with this particular deal. this guy (whom, after googling his name, i found out was a former actress' ex husband, a musician, and the sibling of a VERY famous architect/ interior designer) was just sending me all the wrong signals, so much so that my spidey-senses have been going bezerk the moment i shook his hand! why i still carried on with the sale despite my doubts, i do not know. though he seems to legit, i just can't seem to shake off the icky feeling that there is something not right about him.

i drove home feeling sick to my gut. my anxiety attack had set in. i got home, googled the painting's name and the artist, both exists (good). googled vendors name (he exists as well). though this calmed me down a bit, i was still unable to get rid of that heavy feeling i had inside. i prayed and prayed some more, hoping for some form of relief. i took a nap, woke up and it was still there. what bothers me actually, more than the felling that i got hoodwinked, is the feeling that i was really stupid. REALLY stupid! i had to tell my mom and ask for her advice.... after being berated for acting SO STUPIDLY, all she could say to me as well is that i pray. pray that the guy isn't a scammer.

i needed to clear my head so i headed to the gym. it worked like a charm, brain shut off and i was in my zone for a good two hours. then i got home and it all came back to me again (enter celine dion singing "it's all coming back to me now").


it's now 10pm. i drove my mom here to makati where she's having dinner with friends. i was invited as well but decided to sit this one out. i had work to do and also did not like to be the only (unmarried) guy in a table full of moms... u know what i'm hinting towards right? anyway, they met up with a friend at her resto here at glorietta. upon learning that i was not coming along, mom's friend was generous enough to offer me a free meal, anything my heart desired to order!!! i told her i needed to work. her offer then included the use of the resto's wifi.

a great dinner and wifi galore later, i am happy to say i am in better spirits now than i was a few hours earlier. how i will be tomorrow? well, abangan ang susunod na entry.

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