Monday, August 11, 2008


THERAPY!!!! thank goodness i'm finally back online!! after a grueling 4 days of no internet (thank you PLDT for driving me close to insanity), our connection was finally fixed today (cue in handel's "the messiah").

i have been pacing like a junkie on withdrawal for the past few "disconnected" days. i kept my PC on for the entire duration hoping, praying that by some chance the internet would kick in and i be finally put out of my misery. i felt guilty at first for increasing my carbon footprint by doing so but by day 2, i really didn't give a shit anymore!!!! I NEEDED MY INTERNET!! i couldn't work, i couldn't sleep (well), i couldn't do anything. my day just did not feel right and the feeling was incessantly gnawing.

i was worrying how many messages i have received, how many emails, alerts and how many new entries i have not read! with the internet disconnected, i realized that i was robbed of my morning and evening routines and my social life suddenly fell dead quiet. PLDT was obviously no help. despite my complaints and consistent updates of how SUCKY their service is, since PLDT has monopoly of providing inernet in my area, all i could do is wait for them to "decide" to do something. four agonizing days later, i finally got my reprieve.

sorry folks if i am sounding a bit too severe, i am an addict who just got his fix!

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