Thursday, August 7, 2008

blogging my way to joy

things about my day that made me happy, in no particular order:

1. got to talk to kuya about his new found love, lomography.
2. got to score a great deal with my fabric supplier. u just have to LOVE a discount.
3. had someone compliment me for the shirt i was wearing... cute pa siya :)
4. nothing "bad" happened.
5. was able to balance all my accounts.
6. had a great lunch yesterday with to-die-for prawn salad from yin-yin restaurant.
7. was able to coordinate with my suppliers and have had no major glitches so far.
8. was able to read about LAGALAG.
9. was able to view the DISCOVERY CHANNEL VIDEO again
10. got to talk with kuya and him finally getting to meet FA, who was his FA on his flight to HK (daming acronyms in a sentence!!)
11. i love the weather.
12. friendly people at gym.
13. friendly people online.
14. having my creative juices flowing again for a new project proposal.
15. visiting my favorite design sites and getting TONS of ideas.
16. not dwelling on the negative but striving to focus on the positive.
17. having genuine friends.
18. my newly kalbo-ed shih-tzu who now looks like a large yorkie! still with the underbite.
19. family discussion over lunch about soaring gas prices and ways of cutting down costs... like getting a smaller car :)
20. sleeping without turning on the A/C and yet, still cold enough to actually cover myself with a comforter.
21. doing my sets at the gym without experiencing too much pain (recovering from an injury).
22. enjoying the fact that i have new shirts to wear, care of kuya, fresh from giordano concepts in HK, so far my favorite store.
23. commuting to chinatown and just get myself lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday commerce.
24. thinking. feeling. loving. breathing.
25. listening to the soundtrack of "mamma mia" and singing my heart out to "dancing queen". campy but fun! didn't care if my parents could hear me :)

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trek... said...

i especially liked number 25.

its so... uhmmm, you!